All products of RICCI EVERYDAY are hand-made by trained single mothers in Uganda. In Uganda, high unemployment rate is a serious social problem and even those who graduated from universities often face difficulties in getting a stable job. Under this circumstance, there are few works open for single mothers who have not received a certain level of education.
RICCI EVERYDAY supports single mothers by providing job opportunities and building their capacity that makes them become a proud skillful artisan.
All of our artisans are hard workers and determined to make their livelihoods better for their children. RICCI EVERYDAY will share how they are working at our studio through our website, Facebook Page and Instagram!


Susan is in charge of sewing and shaping bags. She has a spirit of artisan and always tries to do her best to improve quality of the products. She is a leader of the group, managing production schedule and teaching other single mothers how to cut and sew the fabric. She has 2 girls and wants to give them good education until they graduate from university.


Najjuma is a leather artisan. She acquired her skills and techniques from one of the Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers who stayed in Uganda for 2 years.
She has 2 children but she lives in Kampala alone to make money for her family who live in rural area.


She is in charge of cutting fabric. Recently she has acquired skills to stitch leather from her colleague Najuma and now became a leather artisan. Surprisingly, before she joined this project she had never touched leather or sewing machine. But she has been working so hard to build her capacity to become a member of the project. She has a good sense of humor and makes us smile all the time. After losing her husband because of illness, she was left with 4 children. She has raised her children by herself, running small business.


Stella is a leather artisan and in charge of quality checking of our products. She used to work for a garment company in Uganda and that's why she knows very well about quality checking. She can find a very small mistakes and asks other artisan to correct them gently.


Christine is a tailor and in charge of sewing and shaping bags. She learned how to stitch RICCI's products from Susan and acquired skills quickly. Now she is making Akello Bag 4WAYS mainly with high speed like Susan.


Florence is a tailor and in charge of sewing and shaping bags. She joined RICCI EVERYDAY from March in 2017 through introduction by Suzan and Christine. She is cool-headed and doing her work silently, but doing meticulous work than anyone else.


Frank is a leather artisan and a Grace’s brother. He acquired leather stitching skills from her and has his skills improved while he helped her work. He used to work at a bakery, but he became a member of RICCI EVERYDAY because his level of technics is quite high. He always makes a peaceful atmosphere with his smile.


Jennifer is in charge of sewing and shaping bags. Although she is a new staff starting her work in July 2017, she has been working as a tailor for 10 years and has enough tailoring skills as much as other members. She is a mother of three children and works very hard every single day as she says “Working is like a hobby for me.”


Meres is a tailor and in charge of sewing and shaping bags. Before coming to RICCI EVERYDAY, she couldn’t get a full-time job and her income was not stable. Since November in 2017, she has been working for RICCI EVERYDAY making use of her tailoring skills. She is a single mother with a little child, but her dream is to start her own tailoring business in the future.


Gracious is a leather artisan and also a quality checker of our products. She accumulated her experience as quality checker at other company and . She quitted the previous company because they requested her too high target and the working environment was quite severe and she could not balance her work and taking care of her children. She got her back to work at RICCI EVERYDAY from October in 2017 and feels quite comfortable to work here. She is a very hard worker and dreaming that RICCI EVERYDAY will grow bigger and faster.


Ziporah is a tailor and in charge of sewing and shaping bags. She acquired her skills at school and has been a tailor for more than 15 years. On February in 2018 she joined RICCI EVERYDAY through introduction by Christine. At her previous company, it usually happened that salary was not paid for several months and was hard to get support for transportation, but now her life has been improved since she started working here. She has four children and wants them to acquire tailoring skills to be tailors like her in the future!!


arah is a tailor and in charge of sewing and shaping bags. Before joining RICCI, she sold fruits at a local market and tried to get income through selling them. However landlord of the market suddenly sold its land and she lost her job. She joined RICCI EVERYDAY from February in 2018 through introduction by Susan. She is a single mother with three children. Her smile always cheer up the staff of our workshop.


Jaliya joined RICCI EVERYDAY on October in 2017 and works very hard as a leather artisan. Before she acquired her skill, she had a small business selling fruits at small kiosk where she built by herself. She is a single mother with four children and working for RICCI EVERYDAY is making her life better.


She is in charge of security for our workshop and also a mood-maker at our work shop. She always cheers us up, but be careful, she is trying to steal our lunch... Everyone loves her!

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