African print story

Hello. I'm Moe Nishino, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill (a store directly managed by Daikanyama).

With the rebranding of RICCI EVERYDAY, the shop blog will be renewed.

The new column will be written according to six themes. Did you see the previous introduction of "Just Be Yourself-Let's express your personality with fashion-"? Today is the second theme,"African Print Story"I will introduce about.

The colorful African prints are unique in their unique colors and patterns. All the cloths used in RICCI EVERYDAY are purchased by the representative Nakamoto and independently inspected for discoloration before manufacturing the products. Only cloth that has passed such strict inspection will be delivered to you as bags and interior goods. One of the charms is that even with the same pattern, the facial expressions shown differ depending on how the cloth is cut out.

Well, such an African print,When was it born and where is it produced?Have you ever wondered? I hear that the store staff also asks more questions about African prints than customers. In this column, we would like to answer your questions and provide you with content that will help you learn about African prints.

In addition, RICCI EVERYDAY introduces the African print pattern with a unique name with various thoughts. SuchAfrican print story in each piece of clothI hope you can enjoy it through the column now. Then, please enjoy the world of African prints ...

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