Letter from the Hill: The Announcable News from the Store

Good afternoon.RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill: Yoka Kondo is a member of the company.

RICCI, EVERYDAY, safely reached the fifth anniversary on August 26 this year.This is also thanks to everyone who is rooting for us.Thank you very much.

The RICCI EVERYDAY has been rebranding as a means of separating the fifth anniversary of the end of the year.As part of this effort, we will power up the content that has been sent as a shop blog, and deliver a column based on the six themes.

Please enjoy the following columns that you already mentioned:

  1. Just Be Yourself: Fashion to express my own style of self -
  2. The African Print Story
  3. Sustainable Action for everyone
  4. My Enpawament Story

Today, I will introduce the fifth theme "Letter From the Hill".In this column, the details of the daily directly-managed shops and events will be delivered to the main people!
I would like to have a walk in the mountain of the dakkan-sando, which is a representative shop for Daikanyama, as well as the other side of the mountain.

The first anniversary of the rebranding shop blog was released on July 12 of last year.This year marks the first anniversary of the opening of the new store, and as RICCI, EVERYDAY, and the fifth anniversary of the end of this year, the new Letter From the Hill will provide you with a deep article to help you feel the attraction of RICCI EVERYDAY.I look forward to

We are working on a thorough countermeasures against the corona.

Our staff will welcome the conduct of the survey and the masked sour to wear masks.
When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection of the car at the Alcohol Gel near the door.

Pre-Reservations and Online Customer Service for the Reseller
We are currently taking the online contact service online via LINE video call, in order to enjoy shopping at a directly-managed store.
In addition, you must make advance reservations when you visit a store directly.

The following links allow you to pre-order your stores and make reservations for online contact services.

The pre-order reservation and online contact service of the restaurantRight here.

Four minutes walk from the central ticket gate of Daikanzan Station on the Tokyu Higashi-Yoko Line.
21-IROOB2, Saruga-cho, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

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