RICCI EVERYDAY is a fashion brand company founded in 2015 delivering products made by colorful and playful African prints. We are seeking the world that every woman lives with pride appreciating and growing their own talents by delivering products shining uniqueness.

Our products are made in Uganda by the marginalized, most of whom are single mothers and former child soldiers. By creating job opportunities with trainings and providing fair fee and comprehensive benefit package, they’ve rebuilt livelihood and confidence; they become committed professional women shinning in the society.



    We are seeking the world that every woman lives with pride appreciating and growing their own talents.


    1. RICCI EVERYDAY engages to color customers’ daily lives by delivering colorful bags and travel accessories made by playful African Prints.

    2. RICCI EVERYDAY supports customers to choose what they love most from varieties of African Prints.

    3. RICCI EVERYDAY engages to support every person who are involved in our brand, such as local staff and customers, to shine their own lives.

RICCI EVERYDAY’s Tips for Ethical Production

  1. 1. Handmade – to contribute to job creation and to appreciate the artisans' talents
  2. 2. Locally produced with local materials – to contribute to sustainable production
  3. 3. Eco friendliness – materials are fully utilized and little goes to waste.
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What is attraction of Uganda? Organic agriculture, green nature with comfortable weather, local people living energetically wearing colorful kitenge-dresses, African fashion represented by tailoring what we want to wear, working women juggling work and family collaborating with her nanny, a way of living appreciating what is available locally and trying to avoid wasting…
Although Uganda is a small country located at the center of African continent, there seems to be full of tips for how we can live happily everyday.


Just by seeing, one can actually feel positive energy from African prints with its unique design and combination of various colors. In a fabric market in Uganda, stocks of fabric change so rapidly that even if you try, it is difficult to find the same pattern of what you liked after a month.
On the other hand, whenever you visit the market, you can always encounter an exciting moment to find new colorful patterns. RICCI EVERYDAY selects over 70 patterns of African prints and produces original handmade items for the customers all over the world! In addition to this, we enjoy the combination with African prints and other beautiful materials produced in Uganda, such as bark cloth, hand-woven kikoi, and cow-skin leather.


All products of RICCI EVERYDAY are hand-made by trained single mothers in Uganda. In Uganda, high unemployment rate is a serious social problem and even those who graduated from universities often face difficulties in getting a stable job. Under this circumstance, there are few works open for single mothers who have not received a certain level of education.
RICCI EVERYDAY supports single mothers by providing job opportunities and building their capacity that makes them become a proud skillful artisan.
All of our artisans are hard workers and determined to make their livelihoods better for their children. RICCI EVERYDAY will share how they are working at our studio through our website, Facebook Page and Instagram!

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