Be Playful with African Colors

US dollars, fish, watch, electric fan, geometric designs, etc…
African prints represent the combination of ordinary
and extraordinary motifs and dynamic and various colors.
Just by seeing each one of the African prints,
one can actually feel positive message saying that anyone can be
different from others and enjoy your own style of fashion.
RICCI EVERYDAY will deliver excitement and surprise to your life
through designing bags and travel items with playful African prints
coloring your wardrobe and travelling suitcase.


RICCI EVERYDAY is a fashion brand started up together by a daughter living in Uganda and a mother living in Japan.
In 2014 the daughter got transferred to Uganda from Japan for a job and at one point her friend took her to local market in Uganda. She encountered colorful and playful African prints and got fascinated with its unique design and combination of various colors.
There was a plenty of excitement and surprise to find one favorite print out of the pile of stocks of African prints built up to the ceiling. She thought it would become a good business if she made bags and small items out of these fabrics with good quality and design…
She had no idea on who would work with her to produce those products, but suddenly recalled that there was a single-mother whom my friend introduced to me the other day.

In Uganda, high unemployment rate is a serious social problem and even those who graduated from universities often face difficulties in getting a stable job. Under this circumstance, there are few works open for single mothers who have not received a certain level of education.
She was wondering if there are any workplaces where those women can work comfortably with pride and if there is any brands that would deliver excitement and surprise to the customers through unique handmade products using African prints and other materials produced in Uganda.
Finally, she decided to establish companies in both Japan and Uganda and started a fashion brand called “RICCI EVERYDAY” with her mother and Ugandan women. Now, she has her own small workshop in Uganda to work with those women artisans and an office in Japan where her mother works to sell the products.



    RICCI EVERYDAY seeks to realize the world where everyone lives with pride appreciating and growing their own talents.


    1. RICCI EVERYDAY proposes a life style with African taste to customers all over the world through production of bags and travel items made of colorful and playful African prints.

    2. RICCI EVERYDAY supports local staff to improve their livelihoods.

RICCI EVERYDAY’s Tips for Ethical Production

  1. 1. Handmade – to contribute to job creation and to appreciate the artisans' talents
  2. 2. Locally produced with local materials – to contribute to sustainable production
  3. 3. Eco friendliness – materials are fully utilized and little goes to waste.
Uganda pic


Company Name
1-57-7 Anzai, Aoiku, Shizuokashi, Shizuokaken, 420-0011
August in 2015
Bags and travel items made of African prints

Managing Director of rebeccakello Limited (Company in Uganda)

Born in Shizuoka, Japan, in 1984. After graduated from the graduate school of Hitotsubashi University (Master of Law) researching on the post-conflict elections conducted in Sub-Sahara Africa, she started her career working for the MUFG Bank engaging as an account officer to provide the clients with various kinds of financial services.
In 2011 she quitted her job at the bank and joined one of the major agricultural NGOs in Sub-Sahara Africa, called Sasakawa Africa Association, to support small-holder farmers to improve their agricultural productivity and livelihoods and got transferred to Kampala office in Uganda in 2014.
She started project with single mothers living in urban area to produce high-quality products using African prints with unique design. Finally she decided to establish a fashion brand in Japan with her mother in 2015, who is in charge of sales, and a company in Uganda was established in 2016 as production company.
Now the company is hiring 18 local staff supporting their livelihoods as well as pursuing the economic growth of the brand.
Her interest is how we create the place where everyone can live with pride appreciating and growing their own talents.

<Award Received>
Japan-Africa Entrepreneurs Supporting Initiative – Highest Award
NBC International Entrepreneur Award – Highest Award
DBJ Women Business Plan Competition – Special Award
Nikkei Innovator Award – Special Award
CHIVAS Venture 2018 – Japan Finalist

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