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Lining: Green

"Mini Akello" is a mini size of our iconic bag, Akello Bag 4WAY.
We use colorful and playful African print.

This Mini Akello can be used 4 different ways, such as tote bag, shoulder bag, clutch bag and handbag, to match any occasions from everyday to work. Clutch style is good for party, tote style is good for shopping, shoulder and handbag styles are useful in various scenes.

As this is a smaller size, we recommend to use as a shoulder bag for everyday use. It's also convenient to put it in a large bag and use as a inner organiser.
The bag itself can be accents in interior design.

Having this bag makes you feel happy!

※Stock has a limit.
※The way of coming out of color and patterns may be different from a real product in a photograph. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

The estimated delivery period is within two weeks.

Strap and removable bottom plate

W30cm x H31cm x D9cm

Approximately 400 g

Bag and shoulder strap : Cotton
Bottom and handle on the bag: Cow skin

1. The product of RICCI EVERYDAY uses African wax print. For preventing loss of colour by water, we made pre-wash fabric and colour fixing treatment in the manufacturing process. However, there is still possibilities which can lose colour because of extreme water wetting or friction. It wouod be better not to use bag in a rainy day.

2. Please be advised that there may be uneven coloring and some sort of stain depending on a pattern of the African fabric. This is the thing which happened at the time of printinting.

3. To prevend colour fade-out please put the bag away from direct sunshine.

4. To prevend partial damage please do not put extremely heavy stuff in the bag when you use as shoulder bag or tote bag.

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