“Direct Talk” NHK World


Hi! Thank you for watching “Direct Talk” in NHK World.

I am so grateful that we could connect each other through this program.

RICCI EVERYDAY is a lifestyle brand delivering colorful and playful products made of African-prints.
We are working together with local ladies in Uganda having our own-managed workshop.
We are seeking the world that every woman lives with pride and will appreciating and growing their own talents by delivering products shining uniqueness.

You can still see the program through NHK WORLD channel or internet at the following time.

7th July, 2020

16:15 – 16:30 (UTC+9) / 20:40 – 20:55 (UTC+9)

8th July, 2020

1:15 – 1:30 (UTC+9)


Here is some announcements for you.

Our new global online store will be open around the end of September 2020. We are going to ship our products all over the world!

Until global shipment opens, please follow us our instagram or subscribe our e-mail magazine.

Instagram: @riccieveryday (basically in Japanese)

Mail magazine: https://www.riccieveryday.com/en/


See you soon…

Chizu Nakamoto




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