Thank you for you seeing an online store of RICCI EVERYDAY. It is a many functions type bag using the African print which "アケロバッグ" which is the icon of our brand is colorful, and is playful. I tell a visitor having you examine the purchase of such アケロバッグ about three hints to have you choose the bag of the only one that is good to own.

①I choose you at size

アケロバッグ of RICCI EVERYDAY prepares for four size

From the left, size is different from アケロポシェット, ミニアケロ, ミディアムアケロ, アケロバッグ 4WAY little by little. The photograph compared a feeling of size when I had as the handbag which was most basic how to use. At first, please choose him in difference in size of the appearance. (reference:) Model 160cm tall)

In addition, I put the baggage which was usually used for each bag well. Please choose the capacity that you are easy to use most while comparing it with quantity of the carried baggage of own.

〈 アケロバッグ 4WAY, ミディアムアケロ 〉

It is larger-capacity than an appearance, and baggage is usually good to the one that there becomes much. I carry mufflers in a cardigan and a stall, the winter in the summertime, and, for a person to want room, アケロバッグ 4WAY of the biggest size is convenient. In addition, in the one where I often classify A4 size into, this アケロバッグ 4WAY, ミディアムアケロ is recommended. *These two kinds of bags have the attached porch. Because even a porch simple substance is usable, it is convenient when you have other bags.

Contents of the baggage: Notebook PC, A4 notebook, memo pad, pen case, wallet, carrying, key case, porch, my bottle, sunglasses, folding umbrella

〈 ミニアケロ 〉

It is the size that is good to put a tablet or a notebook. Though I want it, the compactness is recommended size in the one that not only a wallet and the key case but also the petty person wants to carry.

Contents of the baggage: Tablet, memo pad, pen case, wallet, carrying, key case, porch, my bottle, sunglasses, folding umbrella

〈 アケロポシェット 〉

It is the size that is good to slight outing. It can inflect as bag in bag of a big bag and the eco-bag.

Contents of the baggage: Memo pad, pen case, wallet, carrying, key case, porch, my bottle (the small), sunglasses

②I choose you by a use

In one in the voice that considered one gives the purchase to well at a store, there is a thing whether "is private use because it is loud a little". There are a lot of bags to be able to enjoy for privates in a vivid colored pattern, but it is wide, and there is the bag of a usable colored pattern from coordinates for work of the jacket which I am scattered like an upper photograph, and did it to sleeveless resort coordinates when it is said, "I work and want to use even a private every day". Please do what kind of scene in the life you have you use it in for a point when you have you choose him by all means.

③I choose you for favorite color taste

Though I was selected, the size, please look for the which there are a lot of various patterns and hesitates about for the color taste of the favorite base. It becomes easy to image a bag in accord with everyday clothes when I squeeze blue system, pink system. Favorite color taste to always choose, color taste looking good with oneself are new again, and, please take in a new color for life including the color taste that you want to challenge.

I introduced three points as things mentioned above when I had you choose アケロバッグ. I am glad if it helps everybody enjoys it, and can choose him.

In the one that I want to choose while talking about a correct thing with oneself, the store staff helps choose you on online,"Online waiting on customers service"I prepare も. Please use this.