What is "I MASK"?

In 2020, the Global Pandemic changed all of our lives. Wearing masks became the new normal, and became something we can't live without.

We decided to create original masks, a fashion item that makes everyone happy, with such colourful and playful African prints.

These masks are created by Japanese women, and a part of the profit will be donated to NGOs in Uganda.

Masks Made By Japanese Women

During the pandemic, issues such as poverty within single parent families,
and unemployment became more evident in Japan.

According to a research done in July by the Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare,86.7% of single parent families are suffering from financial hardship.
At the same time, accounting to the the #You’re Not Alone project Committee over 70 percent of the people either faced salary reduction or unemployment.

We stand by our mission of creating a world where women can express who they are,
and decided to work with 2 organisations supporting women in Japan.
One is, “Mam’s Style”, a NPO that supports single mothers raising children,
and another is “PICHU PICHU TOKYO”, a fashion brand that hires women living in depopulated areas.


We have a meaning to the name of our product “I MASK”.
“I” comes from “I am important”. At times, women who face difficulties in life feel inferior, or useless.
We don’t want women to feel lonely or useless, we want them to feel and connect with the
people around them through making these masks, and realise their true values.

Connecting The World With Masks

For each purchase of this mask, we will donate one mask to the Ugandan community through “Terra Renaissance”.

In order not to interfere with the local business, by providing free masks,
we decided to donate them through Terra Renaissance.
We would like to support Terra Renaissance by supporting their activity of training
former child soldiers to become tailors, and send masks to neighboring villages.

Organisations We Work With

NPO Mam's Style(manufacturing) 

Mam’s Style, is a NPO that was formed in 2012 in Gunma prefecture,
as a group for mothers who enjoy both working and raising children,
and was officially formed as a maternal NGO cooperation in 2016.

In 2018, an office opened in a traditional folk house in Maebashi city to provide a place for parents and children to gather together. Old clothes and books are gathered from the community, and brought to this office to reuse and recycle,
to support the independence of women and families facing poverty. They work together in order
to achieve a sustainable future.

PICHU PICHU TOKYO (manufacturing)

PICHU PICHU TOKYO is a brand that sells kids clothes and home items through supporting women who need employment support, and hiring workers from low populated communities to increase activities in such areas.

They work with 3 themes; “Creating an environment where all generations can work”, “Creating jobs that support the economic independence of manufacturers”, and “Spreading the Japanese embroidery technique to the world”, and work towards achieving a sustainable future.

Certified NPO Terra Renaissance (donation)

Terra Renaissance is a certified NPO with the aim of “realizing a society (world peace) where all lives can be safely lived” active in countries such as Uganda, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Laos, and Japan. In Uganda, they are based in a northern city called Gulu, where they provide psychological, economical, and social reintegration training programs for former child soldiers and war victims created by the war that continued until 2006. Through this program, 227 former child soldiers are gaining support to reintegrate into the society.

Different Uses Depending On Occasions

The “I MASK” is made in a shape that perfectly fits your face, so that it is comfortable and easy to breathe.

We have 2 types of ear loops for our masks, one is the classical elastic type, and the other has strings made out of African fabrics. The strings made out of African fabric will brighten up your face. You can use the one that best fits your occasion.

Why not try out our fashionable masks made from colourful and playful African prints?