It is for アケロバッグ 4WAY copies


It is アケロバッグ 4WAY which is an icon of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Using a colorful African print, I realized the design which was usable with Thoth shoulder clutch handbag and four ways.
I play an active part at the time of clutch, shopping at the time of Thoth, outing at the time of work in everyday various scenes including a shoulder and the handbag.
The attached porch can conjugate as bag in bag.

It is recommended to have you display it as an accent of the interior in a house.

It is such a bag to be excited about just to have!

※Stock has a limit.
※The way of coming out of color and patterns may be different from a real product in a photograph. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

After order confirmation, I send it out in up to around two weeks.

Strap, porch, removable soleplate

W38cm × H40cm × D10cm

Approximately 550 g

The main body, a porch: : Cotton
A handle: Cowhide
A shoulder: Cotton

About the
1. The product of RICCI EVERYDAY uses the cloth of the African wax print. I make color end processing on cloth through water at the time of product production and prevent discoloration with the water as much as possible. But because you may discolor by the water wet or the friction that are the extreme, I have you wait for the use on a rainy day, and, please warn enough him.

2. Depending on a pattern of the African cloth, there may be uneven coloring and a stain, but approve it beforehand because this is the thing which I produced at the time of a print of the cloth.

3. On the occasion of safekeeping, please put it in the place where the day is not if possible. I fade, and it may be assumed that I put it in the place where the day is for a long time.

4. When I make a shoulder or tote bag and have it, the heavy thing, please note it excessively not to put it. It becomes the cause that a holder is damaged.

Required charges other than the price of the product:

Consumption tax: 10%
Shipping: 5,000 yen or more free shipping (360 yen flat in the case of 5,000 yen or less) Various fees may be charged

Method of payment and timing of payment:Payment will be confirmed at the time of product order.

When to hand over the goods:

In principle, it will be delivered in about 10 days. If there is no stock or reserved goods, orders, and made-to-order products, we will contact you separately.

How to hand over the goods:

We will deliver it to the whole country through Yamato Transport.
We do not accept the specifying of a different destination for each product. We are sorry to contact you, but we would like to ask you to place an order for each destination. In principle, we do not accept the date and time of delivery, so please note.

Returns, defective products, cancellations:

If there is a defect in the product, or if we receive a product that is different from the content of your order, we will replace it promptly (in some cases, refund) at our expense. Please contact us by e-mail within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product.

Please understand that we will not be able to accept requests for returns or exchanges after more than 7 days. In addition, we may not be able to respond to returns depending on the contents of your order and the circumstances of the product. For example, depending on the pattern of The African print fabric, there may be colored spots and spots, but please understand because this is the one that occurs at the time of printing of the cloth.

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