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Christmas gift box of RECCI EVERYDAY Akello pouchette.

How about giving a bag of brilliant African prints with the gratitude of the day?
It is a set that waxes on a sleek akeropochet when you go out a little bit, such as a walk or a shopping to a supermarket, with a bright porch of African prints and a dry pineapple packed open.

To be praised for the gift of the precious.
It is also recommended for birthdays, admissions, graduation, employment, marriage, retirement, and various celebrations.

about wrapping
• If you want to have a regular wrapping rather than Christmas, please please give it to the "cart" page in the refinement
• The wrapping photo is an image (the lease does not come with)

About delivery.
• By 12/20, you can deliver it to 12/24 (except for some areas)

About Akeropochet.
It is an Aquero Pochet from the Aquero series, an icon bag from RICCI EVERYDAY.
Multifunctional designs that use colorful African prints and can be used in tote shoulder handbags and three streets! Small sizes, so it is recommended to have them as shoulders in the Daily.
The leather on the holding and bottom plate parts is stitched by the craftsman by hand.
It comes with a strap-removable bottom plate with the same stain.

• Aqueropochet 1 point (with strap removable bottom plate)
• One point.
• Dry pineapple.

Dry Pineapple.
CITRINECARAVAN (Citrin Caravan), which offers dry pineapples, aims to deliver the products that serve as daily colors; the Republic of Uganda, known as the Green and African Pearls. There are abundantly rich fruits, coffee, and crops, and when you get what is delicious or stimulating, they become vigorous and our power. That power is the stain of everyday life.

About the deal.
1. RICCI EVERYDAY products use cloth of African wax prints, which allow them to pass through water to cloth when making products and to prevent color drops from extreme force and water, such as applying color stopping processing. Because it can be colored by extreme water wetness and friction, please refrain from using rainy days and be careful enough.

There are colors and shrimps depending on the pattern of African cloth, but this is the case when the cloth is printed, so please understand.

3. When you keep it in a place where you do not have a day, you may be faded if you keep it in a place where you meet the sun for a long time.

4. If you have a shoulder or a tote bag in your aquero bag, please keep in mind that you do not put too heavy things in it, which causes the holder to break.

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