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We have prepared a gift box for RICCI EVERYDAY's popular gorilla key chain and pouch.

A gorilla key chain full of playfulness with a heart on the bottom and an African print on the back, combined with a palm-sized and easy-to-use pouch, is an exciting set the moment you open it.

As a gift for your loved one, as a reward for yourself.

* Gift box sets will be provided in gift wrapping. No additional gift wrapping (¥ 100) order is required.

After confirming your order, we will ship it within a maximum of 2 weeks.

A gorilla key chain that is the centerpiece of Uganda's tourism.
The front is leather and the back is African print. The charm point is the playful look.
Bereesera, a women's leather craft group in Uganda, makes each piece by hand.

・ One gorilla key chain
・ 1 pouch

1. RICCI EVERYDAY products use African wax-printed fabrics. We try to prevent discoloration due to water as much as possible by passing water through the cloth and applying color fixing processing when manufacturing the product. However, the color may fade due to extreme water wetting or rubbing, so please refrain from using it on rainy days and be careful.

2. Depending on the pattern of the African cloth, there may be color unevenness and stains, but please note that this was caused when the cloth was printed.

3. When storing, keep it out of the sun as much as possible. Leaving it in a sunny place for a long time may cause it to fade.

RICCI EVERYDAYの全ての製品に、税込¥100-でギフトラッピングをさせていただきます。




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