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The eco-bag Series allows you to easily enjoy African prints.

It is a square eco bag with colorful African print and plenty of things.
Because it folds down small, it is also convenient to carry. It is recommended to have it as a sub-bag of your usual bag!

※Stock is limited.
※In the actual product and the photograph, the appearance of the color and the pattern may be different.Please note in advance.

Because it is a ready made product, we will ship it up to 2 weeks after Order Confirmation.

< Size>
W40cm × H40cm

< Material>
Cotton PV

1. RICCI EVERYDAY's products use African wax printed fabric.Water is passed through the fabric at the time of product production, and color stop processing is performed, etc., as much as possible, we try to prevent color loss by water.However, please refrain from using it on rainy days as it may fade due to extreme water wetting and friction.

2. Depending on the pattern of the African cloth, there may be color unevenness and stains, but this is the one that occurred at the time of printing of the cloth, please understand beforehand.

3. When storing, please place it in a place where it does not hit the sun as much as possible.It may fade if it is kept for a long time in the sun.

4. Please be careful not to put excessively heavy things.

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