Fruit Crochet Basket - Raspberry -

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A basket series with colorful colors that makes the fruit look like a bag.

It is a unique design that sets it apart from conventional basket bags. A woman named Sylvia knits each one by hand using a knitting method peculiar to Uganda.

It is also recommended to put a bouquet and use it as an interior item in your room.

From mid-March, we will deliver it as soon as it is ready.

W25cm x H25cm x D6cm
* Since it is handmade, there are slight differences in size for each individual. Please note.

Bag body: Raffia, aquatic plant stem

<About handling>
・ Please refrain from washing with water as it uses natural materials.
・ The color may fade due to extreme water wetting or rubbing, so please refrain from using it on rainy days and be careful.
・ When removing dirt, tap from above with a cotton or towel soaked in a diluted neutral detergent.
・ When storing, please keep it out of the sun as much as possible. Leaving it in a sunny place for a long time may cause it to fade.
-If you insert an excessively heavy object, the handle may come off.

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