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The line focused on Uganda crafts on RICCI EVERYDAYNAWOLOVU(Nawolob) "Berk Cross -made pouch.

「NAWOLOVU(Nawolov) means "chameleon" and was named from the following "Uganda's proverb".


"If you start slowly, you can go far away. Chameleon will eventually reach the city."

「NAWOLOVUThe concept of the skillful techniques of Alchizan (craftsmen) scattered in Uganda, which has never seen the day, is created based on the concept of the concept of Japanese manufacturing, and they are the only product. There is a desire to transmit the skills of the technology and materials to the world.

Berk Cross is a material that is thinly stretched like a cloth with a wooden skin from Mutuba tree. The craftsmen carefully peeled off the tree, boiled the skin, and extended the thin with a hammer, are also registered as a World Intangible heritage. It was confirmed that Berk Cross was used in Uganda in the 12th century. It is a long time ago that cotton spreads in Uganda, and is also called the "oldest cloth in mankind". * If you can mention durability
The peeled trees are properly processed by the craftsman, and about a year later, sturdy skin is played on the surface of the tree. It is a sustainable material.

This multi -use striped porch uses brown, black, and three white berk crosses, making it a design that blends naturally like earth colors.
You can put plenty of items such as makeup tools, gadget equipment, and stationery in the porch.

Inside the porch, we use a material used in one of the fashion items of Uganda women, called Kikui.
And this pouch has a heart -shaped key chain, adding cuteness to the case.

Multi -you sporch made by all materials in Uganda. I hope you can feel Uganda's traditional crafts on your skin.

* There is a limited stock.
* The color and pattern may differ between the actual product and the photo. Please note.

We plan to deliver at the end of September.

W17cm x H11cm x D13cm

Approximately 150g

Body: Table / Berkross, inside / Kikii

1. Please refrain from using it on rainy days, as it may fade due to water wetness or friction.

2. When storing, place it in a place that does not hit the sun as much as possible. If you leave it in a sunny place for a long time, it may fade.

3. Be careful not to pull the attached key chain too strongly. It may cause damage.

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