Waist & Shoulder Sacoche - Ladder Purple -

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The banana model bag which is usable as both fanny pack and サコッシュ.
Because a pocket is on toward you, I divide a thing and am put.

It is good when used for a walk and the outing to the park.
It becomes the one point, and the clothing becomes bright when I add it to casual clothes as an accent color.

※Stock has a limit.
※The way of coming out of color and patterns may be different from a real product in a photograph. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
※Products photograph are first, second and third. Please check the product's details from fourth and fifth.

After order confirmation, I send it out in up to around two weeks.

The main body: W36 cm X H15 cm (I measure it in the longest place)


1. The product of RICCI EVERYDAY uses the cloth of the African wax print. I make color end processing on cloth through water at the time of product production and prevent discoloration with the water as much as possible. But because you may discolor by the water wet or the friction that are the extreme, I have you wait for the use on a rainy day, and, please warn enough him.

2. Depending on a pattern of the African cloth, there may be uneven coloring and a stain, but approve it beforehand because this is the thing which I produced at the time of a print of the cloth.

3. On the occasion of safekeeping, please put it in the place where the day is not if possible. I fade, and it may be assumed that I put it in the place where the day is for a long time.

RICCI EVERYDAYの全ての製品に、税込¥100-でギフトラッピングをさせていただきます。








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