Introducing a colorful cosmetic pouch that makes your bag clean!


Hello, I'm Ishii from RICCI EVERYDAY.

Recently, it's getting cold in earnest.

How are you all in the holiday season?

On days when there are many luggage, such as returning home and traveling during the year -end and New Year holidays, it tends to be messed up inside the bag.

In such a case, the cosmetic porch, which has three sizes, is a big success.

Here are some of the commitment points by size and useful usage.

1. Cosmetic pouch, size comparison

2. How many pine candy do you have?

3. in conclusion

1. Cosmetic pouch, size comparison

The cosmetic pouch is available in three sizes of SML.

Introducing the usage scene for each size.

L size with firm storage capacity

It is a perfect pouch to take a hair brush and a toothbrush, so you can take it to your travel destination and return home.

M size is not too large, not too small, "just right" size, and is a perfect pouch to carry in a daily bag.

It is a good item to put together a bulky accessories such as charging cords.

There is a gusset even in a small size, so the storage capacity is outstanding!

You can store accessories that tend to fall apart in your bags, such as bandages and regular medicines.

It is made of a gusset with a gusset with a share of 3 sizes, but it is independent!

2. How many pine candy do you have?

I examined how many pine candy will enter so that everyone can easily imagine the feeling of size.

  • Cosmetic Pouch L

125 or more pine candy for L size (5 bags or more)

  • Cosmetic Pouch M

75 pine candy (3 bags) for M size

  • Cosmetic Pouch S

25 pine candy (just one bag) for S size

The result is the result! ! !

Please take advantage of the cosmetics pouch when carrying pine candy.♪

3. in conclusion

What do you think. Make your daily bag convenient with cosmetic pouches.

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