We appreciate a lot of your lovely messages about our products,

and we would like to take the opportunity to share some of them here.

Is the product convenient for you?

  • The bag is very light and comfortable to use. It grabs the attention of others because of its vivid and beautiful colour.
  • I love the colour and how practical it is, especially the inside pockets. My mother, my daughter and I all use the bag!
  • The bag is easy to use, unique …and simply wonderful! Also, given its quality, it isn't expensive.
  • This bag is so practical! It can fit many things, and can be used as a shoulder bag.
  • It's very practical, you can remove the handles, and there are pockets inside.

What was your impression of the product?

  • I was amazed by its bright colours when I opened the box. It’s more beautiful than I expected. I love the texture too.
  • I started using it as soon as it arrived, and my friends loved my bag! It felt so good. I'm in love with the uniqueness and beautiful colours.
  • So many people love the bag. Everyone gets even more interested when I tell them it was made in Africa.
  • I was attracted by the design, but I’m also happy with the quality. The bag is strong.
  • I gave the bag to a special person. I love its uniqueness, and I would like to encourage single mothers in Uganda as well.

What makes you rebuy our products?

  • I prefer something original. I want to buy the products again for various occasions.
  • I like using the small bag in my bag.
  • I would like to buy them again for gifts.
  • I love the stunning, beautiful and unique patterns.
  • I fell in love with the colourful prints at first sight! The bag is stylish and practical.
  • The design is not just original, but also functional. The African prints always encourage me and make me happy.

Thank you so much for your heartwarming message! RICCI EVERYDAY will keep on trying and empowering you with our products!