We have received many comments from customers who have purchased RICCI EVERYDAY bags.

Although it is only a small part, I will introduce the impression of the comfort and the product.

About the comfort of use

  • It's light and easy to use! If you walk with it, you will get a lot of attention. I think that the color is vivid and beautiful.
  • I like the color and ease of carrying. There is also an inner pocket, and it is practical. Akero's small shape is also loved by the daughter of the high school student, and the mother also carry it with her every day.
  • I think that it is easy to use, it is unique, and it is wonderful. I think that the price is reasonable, too.
  • The capacity is large. It can also be done on the shoulder. It also has an in-back. This bag is highly functional!
  • The belt of the hand is attached, and there are a lot of pockets in it, and there are various functions.

About the product

  • The color is brighter than what you see on the web, and when you open the box, you can't help but think, "Beautiful! A voice came out. It is comfortable to touch and I like it.
  • When I took it to the meal with the mama friend immediately the day after it arrived, the bag was praised. I felt very good. I really like the innovative design and color of African prints.
  • It is praised as cute by the person who saw it. It's exciting to talk to Made in Uganda.
  • The making was very solid and functional. I was attracted to African prints and purchased it, but the quality as a bag is also high.
  • It was a smart thing like no other, and I wanted to support the thought of a single mother, so I gave it to an important person.

Why do you want to buy again?

  • I like not to wear it with everyone, and I want to use it according to the use, so I want to turn it in some kind.
  • Because it can also be back-in-back.
  • To give a present to a person.
  • The pattern with the impact which is light and cute and does not suffer from a person is cute!
  • I love colorful patterns. It is love at first sight! Fashion accents, easy-to-use and two birds with one stone!
  • It is functional with a design that does not seem to have a design of the back, and the African print which cheers the mind is wonderful anyway.

RICCI EVERYDAY will continue to create products that will be loved for a long time, reflecting the many voices of people who receive them every day.

Thank you for your continued patronage.