About Uganda With a Factory

The Republic of Uganda is located on the east side from the center of the African continent,
a landlocked country facing Lake Victoria. It is surrounded by Kenya, South Sudan,
Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
and Tanzania. This country has rich water resources as it faces the lake, and crops grow well there.

Also, although it is directly below the equator,it is so comfortable that it is like
"Karuizawa city of early summer in Japan" all year round in the capital city,
Kampala, as the elevation of the city is 1,200 meters. Our workshop is located in the suburbs, about 30 minutes drive from the center of Kampala.

About Manufacturing in The Factory

At the factory, socially marginalized people, such as single mothers and former child soldiers living in urban areas are involved in production activities as "creators".

RICCI EVERYDAY was born in 2015 with the desire to provide a "place", where they can bring their products to the world with pride improving their lives.

Uganda is a country with a high unemployment rate, as it is said that only about 20% of the people who graduated from famous universities can get a job with a regular income. Under such circumstances, there is close to no opportunities for uneducated women with children to work.

We provide local women employment, the chance for them to realize their potential, and grow their will and pride through their work in RICCI EVERYDAY.

Today, About 20 staff members work at the factory in Uganda. We manage daily work by dividing them into several roles such as, the sewing machine team that sews the fabric, the leather team that sews the leather by hand,
the craftsmen who make and connect paper beads, and the management team that carries out export and management work.
We are proud of all of our staff, discovering a way of living that suits them through their work and shine as professionals.