"Like" rather than "favorable".

We ask, "Do you think it is from your surroundings?"


Be patient with what you like

Choose the one that is safe and preferable.


The feeling of "like" is

Your own personality.

I can't stand it, I can be more proud.



Select "like" from "favorable",

A place to find your own personality while being excited.


From among the unique and colorful items

Like a treasure hunt

Your "like",

I want you to find your personality.


Easily jump over words that are safe and preferable

A bold and powerful African print,

"You can live like you"

It should push your back.


Being a place to find your own personality

RICCI EVERYDAY is I want it to be a place where you can find your own personality, not a place to follow trends or look for safe things.

"I really liked this!"

The words I received from a customer were full of excitement when I found something I liked, and the surprise and joy of being able to unexpectedly reunite with my "original self."

We will continue to provide exciting and surprising experiences to find your own personality.

Pursuit of ease of use, not just appearance.

Our goal is to create items that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Including the Akero bag that can be used in 4 ways with oneConvenient bag-in-bags and interior items that you can't let go of once you use them.

Let's be with the "like" you find anytime, anywhere.

In addition to designing the appearance, we will continue to pursue manufacturing that is easy to use and incorporate in everyday life.

Seriously and seriously "the right thing".

Social alienation and poor working conditions, environmental destruction, clothing disposal, racism, animal welfare, and cultural appropriation that people are suffering from.

In order to continue to be a fashion brand globally, there are a wide variety of issues to be faced.

I don't want to be a brand that comes at the expense of someone.
Aiming to make the people and environment involved happy for future generations.

We will work earnestly and earnestly on the "right things" that we can do.


In 2015, we founded RICCI EVERYDAY, a brand that handles bags and miscellaneous goods using colorful and playful African prints. Through our business activities, we aim to create a world where women around the world can overcome social conventions and stereotypes and discover and realize what they really want to be.

In Japan, where women's activities have been screaming loudly for a long time, there are still many women who find it difficult to live because they are unable to demonstrate their abilities as they wish due to the environment, social structure, and social conventions. Such women can even lose sight of themselves due to some sort of "curse" that "should be."

That feeling was greatly influenced by my experience working at a bank.
At the workplace at that time, the company rules stipulated details such as suit color, nails, and hair color.
I also wore gray and navy suits according to the rules, but there were many people who looked the same no matter where I turned. I felt that my personality was absorbed and I was gone.

"I am here"

As a small resistance movement to convey that, I always chose unique colors and unusual designs for the innerwear that I wear in my suit.
For me at that time, the inners of the colors and designs that I "decided by myself" were items that protected my personality and charged my feelings of energy. I still vividly remember feeling a sense of relief and some kind of pride that I could stay as it was.

We provide our customers with African prints, which are attractive products with bold color combinations and unique patterns that are beyond imagination.
Surrounded by African prints, it feels like to us
"It doesn't matter what stereotypes or social conventions are. The important thing is whether you like yourself or not."
I feel like I'm talking powerfully.

"Like" rather than "favorable".
I sincerely hope that you will be a brand that is close to you the moment you find your own personality.

We are not the only ones who support us.

At Uganda's workshops, socially marginalized people, such as single mothers and former child soldiers living in urban areas, are involved in production activities as "creators." Originally, they couldn't get a decent job because they didn't have a higher education and no connection, and they managed to make their daily lives possible. Some have had unimaginable experiences.
According to traditional values, they were people who received help and support, never partners with whom they worked.
However, they are now working to improve their lives while earning regular income through work, and at the same time gaining confidence by proudly sending out the products they have worked on to the world, and they are playing an active role in their original form. I will.

"I want to get rid of the stereotypes that surround them and create more places for them to shine."

While valuing this feeling, we would like to continue to face our business.

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24-1 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ROOB2 2C

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Ritsue Nakamoto and Chizu Nakamoto


August 2015

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We handle lifestyle items centered on bags and accessories using African prints