Choose What You Truly "Love" Rather Than The "Safe Choice".

We are cursed with the constant concern on

"how people see us".

We push down and hide what we like,

and often end up choosing the

"safe choice".

We tend to forget that,

what we "like" is an important part of our being.

There's no need to push away what we like, we can be prouder about it.


place where you can choose what you

truly "love" rather than choosing the

"safer choice".

We want you to choose what you "love" out of the many unique and colourful items,

and find what makes you happy.

We hope that such powerful African prints

will go beyond the thoughts of choosing the "safe choice",

and encourages you to live truthful to yourself.


To Keep It a Place Where You Can Find Yourself

RICCI EVERYDAY isn't a place to follow the trend or to go for the safe choice, but we want it to be a place where you can be true to yourself.

"I actually love things like this",

such words from one of our previous client, was full of joy and excitement from reconnecting to their old selves.

We will continue to provide such exciting experiences, filled with joy of being true to yourself.

Not Only For The Appearance But Also For The Practicality

We try our best to produce items that not only look appealing, but are also practical.
Starting with the Akello Bag 4WAY which could be used in 4 different ways,
the pouch that you can't let go of once you use, and other beautiful interior items.

Not only will we continue to work on producing products that look attractive,
but also items that are practical in our day to day lives.
We hope you can hold on to what you truly "love" whenever and wherever you are.

Do The "Right" Thing.

We would like to tackle social problems such as social alienation,
poor working conditions,
environmental issues,
clothing disposals, racism,
animal welfare, and cultural appropriation.

There are many issues we need to consider as a global fashion brand.

We don't want to stand on top of anybody, or support injustice. We work for providing a better future for those involved with us. We will keep on working hard for social justice, and make decisions that are ethically "correct".


I started RICCI EVERYDAY, a brand that uses colourful and playful African prints to create bags and goods, in 2015.
Through our work, we hope to create a world where women from around the world are able to go beyond social expectations, and be the real #self# they want to be.

There are still many women in Japan who are not able to be true to themselves due to the social structure, and expectations. Such women often lose who they really are, due to the “curse” of “how we should be”.

I strongly felt that way through my experience of working in a bank. In the company, there was a strict rule regarding the colour of our suits, nails, and hair. Back then, I used to follow the rules and wear gray or navy suits, but wherever I looked, everyone looked the same. I felt like my uniqueness was stolen. “I’m here”

In order to express myself, and softly go against the system, I decided to wear unique and colourful shirts under the suit jacket. The shirts I wore inside became an item that expressed who I am, and gave me energy to keep going. I clearly remember how proud and relieved I felt from the bottom of my heart. We provide colourful and unpredicted African designed products to our customers.

When we’re surrounded by Afriucan prints, we feel like African prints tell us that “social expectations or norms don’t matter. What really matters is if you like yourself or not”. What you truly “love” rather than the safe choice.

We strongly hope that we become a brand where we can be by your side when you feel like you are your true self.

Who we support is not only our customers.

In our Ugandan factory, we have workers whoare single mothers or former child soldiers, people who are socially neglected from the society.

They were not able to receive high school education, and create the necessary connections to start working. There are some who have experienced unbelievable incidents.
Based on my morals and values, they were the type of people who should be receiving support, not the type of people I would be working with.
However, now, these women regained themselves and pride through working, and receiving frequent salary, and sending their products out to the world.
“I want to take away the stereotypes people have for them, and create an environment where they can shine!.
We want to remember this strong desire, and continue working towards creating a better world.

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24-1 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ROOB2 2C

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Ritsue Nakamoto and Chizu Nakamoto


August 2015

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We handle lifestyle items centered on bags and accessories using African prints