We are going to share some tips on how to take good care of Akello bags.

Before use

We make sure all of the materials we use for our products are of high quality, and that the colours don't come off by washing. However, we recommend you to put waterproofing spray on the bag before using it, so that you can not only protect it from rain but also from dust. We provide waterproofing spray service for ¥100+ tax. (*the service is available only in Japan.) Please keep the bag away from direct sunlight to avoid the colour fading.

When the bag gets stained

We do not recommend you to wash our Akello Bags as we use leather for the handle and bottom parts.
When the bag gets stains, please use a diluted dishwasher detergent and rub the stain softly with a towel or brush.

When the bag gets wrinkled

Akello Bag 4WAY and Medium Akello can be used as clutch bags by folding them in half. It is completely normal for them to get wrinkles, so in that case, you can iron the bags with medium heat. Note: please use a cloth to cover the bag, and DO NOT use steam mode.

If the bag is broken

We provide repairing services in order to achieve a sustainable fashion industry. (* the services are available only in Japan.)

  • the metal fastener of the handbag strap: one side for ¥500+ tax
  • magnets inside: one side for ¥2000+ tax
  • bottom metal parts: two sides for ¥2000+ tax

*Repairing the bottom metal parts takes a few months as it is conducted in Uganda.

*Repair service for free within 6months from the purchase. (the shipping fee shall be borne by the customers.)

*if you purchase on online

  • within 7 days from the purchase: both service fee and delivery fee are free of charge.
  • within 6 months from the purchase: service fee is free of charge, however delivering fee will be paid by the customers.
  • over 6 months from the purchase: both service fee and delivering fee will be paid by the customers.