We will introduce how to care for the purchased Akero bag so that you can use it for a long time.

Before use

The cloth used in RICCI EVERYDAY is checked for discoloration by ourselves, and only the cloth that has passed the inspection is used for the product and delivered to everyone. Therefore, there is basically no need to worry about discoloration, but it is recommended that you lightly spray a waterproof spray that can be used on leather and cloth products before use. By doing so, you can use it not only without worrying about getting wet even on rainy days, but also protect it from dirt such as dust. This waterproof spray processing is also available at directly managed stores for ¥ 100 + tax. (* Please note that the bag may smell immediately after using the spray.) Also, store it in a place away from direct sunlight.

What if it gets dirty?

The outer material of the Akero series is made using African print, but since genuine leather is used for the handle, bottom plate, and metal fittings that hook the shoulder, it cannot be washed as a whole. If it gets dirty, apply a solution of neutral detergent diluted with water to a towel or brush, and tap it gently to remove it.

What if you have wrinkles?

In particular, the Akero bag 4WAY and medium Akero can be folded in half and used as a clutch bag, so wrinkles may become a concern as you use them. In such a case, put a handkerchief in between and apply an iron set to medium temperature. As good as new, it stretches surprisingly well. (* It is better not to use steam)

If something goes wrong ...

We have started accepting repair services at our directly managed stores so that you can use RICCI EVERYDAY products for a long time! We accept repairs for the following parts.

  • Left and right metal fittings on the top of the bag (one side): 500 yen + tax (1,000 yen + tax on both sides)
  • Internal magnet: 2,000 yen + tax per place (4,000 yen + tax for uneven set)
  • Metal fittings at the four corners of the bottom (two places on one side): 1,500 yen + tax (3,000 yen + tax for all bottoms)

(* Because the four corners of the bottom will be repaired in Uganda, it may take several months to hand over depending on the local situation. Please note.)

* Items subject to free repair Items within 6 months of purchase (If you wish to ship from the store after the repair is completed, you will be responsible for the shipping cost)

* When purchased online

  • For those within 7 days, we will support free shipping and repair fee.
  • If you are within 6 months, we ask that you pay the repair fee free and the shipping fee.
  • If you have passed 6 months or more, please bear the shipping fee and repair fee.
If you use it with careful care, you will become more attached to it. We hope that you will continue to use your favorite African print bag for a long time.