[September 25, 2020] The introduction of the Guarana Market

Good afternoon.
RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill: Yoka KONDO is a member of the Kanzan Naei Sho.

He was so absorbed as to forget the time as if he were looking for a treasure.
I think it is a good idea to look at the products used by the colorful and colorful African print at the company's directly managed store.Today's column, I will introduce you to a market in Ghana, where many of these African print fabrprints are being handled!

1. Introduction to the Republic of Ghana
2. View the Market


1. Introduction to the Republic of Ghana
The fabric used in the RICCI EVERYDAY product is procured from the Republic of Ghana, which is located in West Africa.

Source:Ghanaian flag and map nationalflag.Net ine7.net

Let me introduce you to the Republic of Ghana.🇬🇭
The national land area is 238,537 square kilometers, which is about two-thirds of Japan.It has a population of 23.77 million people.The official language is English.From Japan to Ghana, there are many ways to go through the Middle East and Ethiopia.It will take about 11 hours from Uganda, via Ethiopia.
Moving from east to west is a great deal, even though it is within the same African continent.

2. View the Market

The president often goes to the McCoran Market in Accra, Ghana's capital.This is the most vibrating place in Ghana, and it's a local market where everything from food to sunset.

When you go all the way down, the raised-colored African-print, which is high-piled, comes into my eyes and dips into my eyes.
You are overwhelmed by the load!
Pick one of your favorites from the shards that you see in the shard.
Which handle will you like?

I began to feel more familiar with the African print since I was supposed to be involved as an intern.
I have no experience of traveling to Africa and Ghana, but I don't think I can feel a sense of kinemia when I am in the presence of this market, and I feel I have a feeling of kinsation!

I feel that there is a lot of power in Japan that concentrates on a lot of things and a lot of color, but I feel like I'm feeling a sense of relief and feel comfortable with people's minds.The scene of the market and the scene of the production in Uganda are also reminded when you use the medium uchelo, which is usually used for your love.

What do you feel about this vivid worldview?When the fabric is procured from here and the bag is produced, and the process of reaching Japan, it feels like a link between Japan and Uganda and Ghana.

The scene where the cloth is taken from the ground is also fresh!

It seems to me that I would forget the time when I was surrounded by such a rich African-print.

The market is also the opportunity for RICCI EVERYDAY to be created.I feel that the world is very, very broad-connected to the fact that the exciting feeling of the moment before the unknown world is now connected to the birth of one brand and the connection between you and your people.

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