Introducing SELECTED BY C products

hello. I'm Chizu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

This time, we will introduce the products of the SELECTED BY C series that appeared at the on -opening from 5/7! I would be glad if you could read it as if you were shopping in Uganda.

  1. Why did you start Selected by C?
  2. Picha's Happy Hippo
  3. Colorful Beads Cow
  4. AnWAR SADAT painting
  5. At the end

  1. Why did you start Selected by C?

One of my pleasures during my stay in Uganda is to go around local select shops and craft markets! I met various artists and crafts and are excited every time.

One thing I wanted to share with you beyond space and time. Another reason is that there is a reality that their creative activities cannot be continued in Corona.

Craft is mainly popular with tourists and foreigners, but in Uganda, where the tourism is hit by the corona, the craft market is also facing the same difficult situation. In such a situation, we decided to start the SELECTED BY C series, as we decided to do what we could (connect producers and customers) so that artists could create something new.

By the way, "C" of Selected by C is "C" of my name "chizu".

  1. Picha's Happy Hippo

Picha is a former child soldier living in the northern part of Uganda. She lived with her two children and made a living by making and selling paper beads, African plastic bags and stuffed animals.

She met her in February 2020. She was just before the new colon virus became pandemic. As usual, she was selling paper beads and animal stuffed animals near her at a market in the main city of Guru, a major city in the northern part. Among them, the stuffed animal of this hippopotamus. Some people sold animals stuffed animals at other markets, but I have never seen any other stuffed animals that have stuffed cotton and reproduced the unique form of hippopotamus, so I thought this is cute! I remember I bought it.

After that, the new colon virus spread in earnest, Uganda was also locked down, and it was difficult to get in touch with Picha, but the other day I was able to order a hippo. That was the way to Japan over the sea.

Some hippos are already Sold Out. 。 。 Please take a look.

  1. Colorful Beads Cow

Bead work often found in Kenya and Uganda. Kenya is famous for the Masai budding, and RICCI EVERYDAY also handles Masai beads pierced.

This time, we will introduce beads objects that reproduce cows often seen in Uganda. Uganda cows are famous for their varieties called "Angkore beef", and they are characteristic that they have a large corner (by the way, this corner is reborn as accessories and accessories by polishing craftsmen firmly).

(Borrowed from Daily Monitor)

It is not great. 。 。 The ratio of the corner and the body is properly reproduced. The presence of this child in the room is a presence. 。 。 The colors are white and golden brown, which is the same as the actual cow color, and is used as an interior.

Please take it into your room.

  1. AnWAR SADAT painting

Anwar Sadat is a Uganda artist and has actually come to Japan. The first time I met him, he was playing live painting on United Arrows / Beauty and Youth in Shibuya. Whether he enjoyed staying at that time, he was a big Japanese bite. When you go to his gallery, you will always be warmly welcomed.

This time, two points of his work are introduced in Selected by C. By the way, his work always draws animals, but there was a reason. Most of the Uganda children did not have the opportunity to see animals and wanted to draw them instead. Uganda wild animals live in national parks or zoos, so they can't see them without paying money, and in fact animals may be farther than us.

Another reason was that we wanted to appeal to the conservation of biodiversity through drawing.

His work is not just a paint, but also uses African prints everywhere. Please enjoy his worldview that combines colorful colors and unique patterns.

  1. At the end

What did you think. This time, we introduced some of the works of local artists.

What they feel in common with their works is that they have a great constraint of materials and technology, but have ambitious creative souls to create wonderful things. You can make good use of the waste material, create another with the same material, and be overwhelmed by their ideas.

I hope that the charm can be divided by Selected by C.

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