A book about my half -life was published. I want to deliver the message "#UNSTOPPABLE -Tsubasa is in myself ~" to young generations of women

Hello everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.

Finally, the release of my half -life, "Africa, I started a bag company" will start on June 30. It is not only Amazon and Rakuten Books, but also in bookstores nationwide. The green cover is the point book. If you buy a book, please take a picture at hand and let me know. I would be glad if many people could pick them up directly.

"In Africa, I started a bag company -" Dominator "Nakamoto Chizu has advanced"

Author: Eri Eguchi

Price: 1,500 yen + tax = 1,650 yen

Publisher: Sa / E -La Shobo

Published: Late June 2023

On the International Women's Day on March 8 this year, we started the project "#Unstoppable -Tsubasa is inside" to support young Japanese women.

We only say "women", influenced me in various life events, social wisdom and stereotypes in my life, and encountered a situation where it seems impossible to pursue what I want to be ... You may.

But I don't want you to forget that at all times. To be able to take a step when you are organized in your environment and your feelings, we have wings, the wings are not broken by anyone, and a little younger generation. We started this project, hoping that we would be able to tell them that they would always support those who are trying to take a new step (flight).

In the process of completing this book this time, I became stronger that my experience so far may be perfect as a concrete example that conveys the above message.

Nowadays, I fly around Uganda and Japan, and when I see it from the side, it seems like I'm having fun working every day (it's actually fun, but laughs)I experienced a road and sometimes gave up flying. But I don't forget that my wings are in myself, but it seemed to be a trigger that led to my turning point. By taking a step back using wings, I was able to encounter what I wanted to accomplish over my life.

Also, when I released this campaign, I received many support messages from customers and Uganda staff. These messages are sent to those who ordered the face of the campaign, My Wing Bag, as a #Unstoppable letter with the bag.


The message I received isThis pageYou can check from. Just looking at it will make you feel encouraged by someone, and you will get the vitality to do your best from tomorrow. I hope the person who has this bag can take a step with peace of mind.


I feel the same for the author Eri Eguchi. I hope that as many people as possible will receive this book message.

We will have an online talk live with Mr. Eguchi, so please feel free to join us. I will talk about the reason I decided to make a book, the state of Uganda's workshop (actually came to Uganda), and the back story until the book was created.


* Collaborationin Ste Live

Friday, June 30, 2023 ~ 8:00 p.m.

From the official account of RICCI EVERYDAY (@ricCIEVERYDAY)


* Collaboration Twitter space

July 1, 2023 (Saturday) 9: 00-

From the Twitter account of Chitsu Nakamoto (@chizunakamoto)


By the way, Mr. Eguchi was making a column naked until this book was created. Because it is a series, I think that you can feel the realism until the book is made.

Nakamoto Uganda Main Senki


Finally, if you have already taken a book, I would be glad if you could share your impressions and reviews on SNS, Amazon, etc. I hope you will touch many people.


We look forward to your continued support of RICCI EVERYDAY.


Chizu Nakamoto


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