Spring Akero series coordination

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You've been in spring, but you can hear the voices of hay fever. I have been allergic and hay fever since I was a child, but it was getting lighter every year and I can enjoy spring. I think it would be very good to improve my constitution.

By the way, this time, I would like to tell you about the spring coordination using the Akero bag series.
There is also a new usage of Pochette, so please enjoy it to the end.

1. Akero Bag 4WAY Coordination -Uroko Kiriro-
2. Medium Akero coordination -ornament-
3. Mini -Kero Coordinates -Pink World-
4. Aceropo Shet Coordination -Garden- and how to use


1. Akello4WAY ~ Uroko Kiiro ~
At first, from the introduction of Achero bag 4WAY. I used the "Uroko Kiiro" bag.

A simple style with a black skirt and white hoodie. I put yellow green tops on the inner, and the yellow -based bags are combined to make the spring -like style.

It is easy to incorporate colored items by putting colors in the inner and making them "slightly visible".

Next, it looks like spring, coordinated with a pink cardigan with denim.
Because it is a dark tone denim, the outer coordinates are brightly coordinated.
In the case of bright color tops, it is recommended to have a clutch type and have an akero bag 4WAY because it will give you an adult -like impression.

2. Medium Akello 
Next is Medium Akero. I used the "ornament" bag.

Coordinate using trendy pleated skirts this season. The color of the pleated skirt and the green of the bag are combined with the white tops.
Combining the color of the bag and the clothes will make it easier to coordinate and the cohesiveness will be improved.
When the trench coat is combined, the bag with a pop impression gives a calm impression.

As for the next coordination, the ornament pattern has a slightly Japanese atmosphere, so I tried retro tone with the vintage cardigan.
The color of the new African plastic bag and the color of the 60's vintage cardigan is perfect.

3. Mini Akello 
Next is mini -kero. Mini -kero uses the "pink world".

The knit of cotton material is combined with a floral tulle skirt. You can coordinate with a relatively large pattern bag with fine pattern clothes without discomfort.
At that time, it is also important to match the color used for the clothes pattern and the color used for the bag.

Next, on the contrary, a simple style with black tops and white pants. The gorgeousness of African plint is fully coordinated.
In order not to emphasize the bag too much, the color of the brooch was balanced according to the yellow of the bag.

4. Akello Pochette 
The last is the coordination of the Akero Shet. I used "Garden".

Coordinated with pleated skirts used in medium Akero and trendy denim jackets.
The inner is an off -white shirt blouse. Because the color of the clothes is dry and calm, the bag matches the garden with a cute color pattern.

On a slightly chilly spring day, a spring knit is convenient. If you combine it with the green of the bag like this, you can enjoy spring outfit even with wool knits. The outerwear to match is also a bright color.

I love Akeropo Shet, I feel the most common and easier to use.
How to use it is not only to use it alone, but also in the column several times, but as a bag -in -bag, it is a sub bag for holding a large bag.

This time, I will introduce how to use the strap.
As you know, you know how to double the strap, but it is easy to hold a short length like this.

If you don't hang it on your shoulder if you're double, you may find it a little longer, so you've used it in this way.

This is the length when it is double.

Just pass through the metal part, just like how to double it. The strap of the pochette is a slightly smaller bracket and a thin string, so it can be easily passed.

Akeropo Shet seems to be easier for seniors to use as a sub -bag for shopping carts. Having a bag of African plinting brighter, some voices said, "I'm happy to say" It's a cute bag "."

How was that? This time, we introduced spring coordination using the Achero series.

The Akero bag series isonline storePlease take a look as we have a lot of preparation.

Please enjoy the spring and coordination.

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