7th anniversary! The charm of Richie Everyday Tote♡

Hello, this is Nakajima of RICCI EVERYDAY.

How do you spend August? Without my heart, I feel a little cooler after the tray. I want to fully enjoy the remaining summer.

By the way, on August 26, RICCI EVERYDAY celebrated its 7th anniversary! To commemorate that, we sell RICCI EVERYDAY new standard tote bags.

In this column, I will tell you about the charm of such a Richie Everyday Tote.

table of contents

1. 7th Anniversary Richie Ebriday Tote

2. Product points

3. How much luggage will it be? About the size and capacity of the bag

4. Pattern introduction

5. At the end

I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

  1. 7th Anniversary Richie Ebriday Tote

Richie Everyday's first brand name tote bag has been released. I have made it based on the voices I received so far.

2. Product point

Richie Everyday Tote is a hard canvas tote. The outside is the canvas, and the lining is African plastic.

There are two handles, the shorterIt is 30.5cm, and the longer is 61㎝. A short handle can be hung on the arm or holding it by hand, and long handles can be used as a shoulder.

In addition, one pocket on the outside and inside is convenient for storage.

You can use it even if you turn it overreversibleIt is.

African plints appear all over and become vivid at once.

unisexYou can use it.

3. How much luggage will it be? About the size and capacity of the bag

The size of the bag is 46cm wide x 38.5cm in height x 20.5cm depth. In a sense, it is a large tote bag.

The photo below is an example, but I will enter more (laughs)

Because it is a hard canvas fabric, it carries heavy things firmly.

4. Pattern introduction

-Big Eye Purple & Orange-

-Big Eye Purple & Blue-



-Big Eye Turquoise Orange & Brown-

-Wave Lime Green & Orange-


-Swallow / brown & pink-


-Tropical paradise blue-


-Oasis sunset-

5. At the end

Thank you for reading to the end. I would be glad if the charm of Richie Everyday Tote was transmitted. I hope that it will be a tote bag that gorgees your daily life.

If you are interested in this bag, please check the online store. If you want to see the product, please come to the RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

For details on the productFrom here

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