International Women's Day "Color, Power"


March 8th is International Women's Day. How are you perceiving this day?
If you like, please let us know your voice!

RICCI EVERYDAY sells a message echo printed on the online store last week after the International Women's Day (Fri) last week on the online store.
* Sales will be discontinued as limited in quantity and stock.

Message Eco "Color, Power."
¥ 3,080 (tax included)

Until now, Big Eye Purple & Blue was the main design, but this time it appeared in a rich color variation. Many people are paying attention immediately. Please enjoy a number of patterns that are exciting just by looking at them.

\ Color, Power. ”Campaigns that color the color items that will give me energy /

RICCI EVERYDAY aims for women around the world to find out what they want to exist by overcoming social wisdom and fixed concepts. We are conducting a "Color, Power." Campaign with this philosophy and international women's day.

"COLOR, Power." So, if you post a photo of a color item with the theme of your "cheerful color item" with a hashtag #RICCIEVERYDAY, you will get a wonderful gift. Maybe ...!

■ Campaign period
March 5, 2021 (Fri) to March 14 (Sun) 10 days

■ Photo theme

"Color items that give me energy"

It's okay for non -RICCI EVERYDAY products! Food, plants, landscapes, nails, etc. In your daily life, please share your exciting and energetic photos!

■ How to apply

1. RICCI EVERYDAY Instagram accountFollow (@riccieveryday).

2. Shoot a "color item that gives me energy".

3. Post an episode related to the theme and a hashtag #RiccieveryDay.

■ Application qualification
・ Follow the Instagram official account RICCI EVERYDAY

・ Publish an Instagram account. (Please note that those who are private will not be elected.)

・ The person who posts to the feed will be elected. Please note that those who posted in Stories, IGTV, and Reel will not be elected.

■ Others
・ The contents and images posted in connection with this project may be introduced on SNS or other media.

・ If you have not followed your Instagram account at the end of this campaign, the application will be invalid.

・ This campaign has nothing to do with Instagram or Facebook.

Five people from those who have made a wonderful post will receive a message "color, power." And a mimosa flower!

\ "From the tweet of the color item that will give you energy /

As you may have noticed, the RICCI EVERYDAY staff also sends the crumples to each color item under the theme of "color, Power."

The color item that gives me energy is a vitamin -colored fruit crochet🍋 Especially recently, I just wear and decorate my favorite items, and I get somehow cheerful! Now it is decorated as an interior, but I will have a lot of bags again this spring.🌸

The color item that gives me energy is this colorful beetle walap😍Mitsuro -lap is a repeated wrap made of beeswax.🐝Wrap the food in this rap and put it in the refrigerator, so it is very noticeable because it is colorful.
Not only the role as a rap, but this cuteness and flashy are irresistible 🦜🌴
What are your favorite color items? Please let me know!

The color items that give me energy are colorful fruit and vegetables.🍓🍋🍅
When you wake up in the morning at the beginning of the day! I make salads, smoothies, and have as much season as possible, as the enzymes are alive, and I am cheerful from my body.💪If you eat colorful, it will be fun alone, isn't it?✨
Recently, my recommendation is that you can eat as much as you can with carot lape and shredded carrots with oil, vinegar, sugar, and a little salt! !

You can get well from the photos! The power of the color is amazing. Please let me know the color items that you can get.

We look forward to seeing RICCI EVERYDAY items.

"Color, Power." Message Eco, and the vivid colors that color every day are the source of energy.

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