Introduction of the January issue of Akero Box!

I'm Sasaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY.

I feel that it is early in January and the time has passed as soon as possible.
This year, I set my diary before going to bed to live with my goals every day.

What are your 2021 goals? Please let us know!

By the way, this time, it is perfect for the emergency declaration that the house time has increased!
Introducing the January issue of Akero Box (regular flight) that will deliver new encounters and discoveries.

1. Content of the January issue of Achero Box
2. Details of item content
3. Finally

1. Content of the January issue of Achero Box
This month, we will deliver the following six points and deliver it to everyone!

① Dry prineapple
② Coffee from Uganda
③ 5 + 1 SENSES (booklet)
④ Statement card
⑤ Paper bead necklace (monthly gift)
⑥ African plint

2. Details of item content

① Dry prineapple
Organic dry pine grown in Uganda. The feature is that the more you chew, the more sweet you chew.

It is delicious even if you eat it as it is, but the pound cake using dry printer and coconut seems to be compatible with coffee!

② Coffee
This month, "Ugundabrend" blended with beans grown in four lands.

Four areas: Rewenzori Mountains in the western part of Uganda, Uganda eastern Sipifolds, Eastern Uganda Ergon Mountains, Uganda northwestern West Lift Valley.

Please enjoy the aroma and taste at home.

③ 5 + 1 SENSES (booklet)

This month's theme is education x gender. In December 2018, this theme was decided because the International Day of Education was adopted at the United Nations General Assembly.

In the booklet
・ International day of education
・ Results of education in Millennium Development Goals (MDGS)
・ Education issues in sustainable development goals (SDGs)
・ Gender education in Japan

Introducing about.

Introducing playlists, books, and movies on the theme of women discrimination and education.
Now that your home time has increased, please enjoy a new encounter while relaxing.

④ Statement card
Malara Yusafuzai chose a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in 2013.

It is designed on the blackboard after the theme of education.

"Let US Pick Up Our Books and Our Pens, THEY ARE THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPONS. One Child, One Teacher, One Book and One Pen Cange The World"
Take the book and hold the pen.
That is a powerful weapon for us.
One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen,
So you can change the world.


I think education has a great power to bring out the possibilities of the person and change life.

If you decorate this statement card in your room or put it in a notebook you usually carry, it will lead to the opportunity to start some new learning and motivation!

⑤ Paper bead necklace (monthly gift)
This month, we will deliver a necklace made of paper beads.
It is made of paper, but it is hardened with varnish and is firmly made.
Uganda craftsmen connect the paper that has become a waste material on the beads.

You can enjoy it as a necklace as well as a bracelet.
What color arrives is fun after opening!

⑥ African print (37 x 37cm)
African print that is delivered every month.
We will wrap and deliver dried fruits.

As a hair accessories, the packaging of the gift, the bag is attached to the bag, there are various uses.

3. Finally
I'm worried about regular flights, but I'm worried that I will continue every month ...
For such people, a trial service is recommended.
It will be delivered in the same content as the regular version of the regular version, so please try it.( * Trial flights can be purchased only once)
HerePlease see the details from.

Now that home time has increased.
Why don't you take the Akero Box to find a new encounter?

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