Staff introduction vol.7

Hello, this is Sasamoto of RICCI EVERYDAY.
This time, we will deliver the 7th installment of "RICCI EVERYDAY staff introduction".


-About the current work-

As a RICCI EVERYDAY staff, I am producing creatures, such as online store banners, brand catalogs, and shop POPs.

We believe that the brand image is gradually formed from various phases of customers touching RICCI EVERYDAY, such as websites and stores. We are working on creative production so that we can feel the messages of RICCI EVERYDAY, such as "I like" or "Color, Power." increase.


The trigger of knowing -RICCI EVERYDAY-

The representative Nakamoto worked as the first intern at an NPO who had an internship in college. Nakamoto had a dispute issue in developing countries, I was aware of poverty and agriculture, and had no opportunity to work together, but it was a face -to -face face. About 10 years later, in my current business, I happened to help the RICCI EVERYDAY clothes business. I knew that Nakamoto became independent and founded RICCI EVERYDAY, but it was the first time that I supported the launch of this clothes business, and for the first time I learned the charm of RICCI EVERYDAY from the inside.


-Modified to decide to work-

In the Uganda studio, I saw everyone, including Chitsu, working like a family, and I was thrilled to see how wonderful and warm air was flowing. Originally, I often visit East Africa such as Kenya, and I want to have something with people in this area! I had the feeling. Meanwhile, at the RICCI EVERYDAY workshop, I wonder if I can see the attitude of the staff working hard and the bags that can get energy just by looking at them, so I can do anything to deliver this product and brand to more people. ,I came to think so. I decided to work together because I wanted to support the RICCI EVERYDAY, where I would like to work sincerely to manufacture and happy people involved from various perspectives.



-RICCI EVERYDAY's favorite items-

My favorite item is a cube pouch. I put it in a bag I carry every day, but when I suddenly get into my eyes, I feel like my heart is vividly colored. In recent years, we may carry goods to prevent new colon virus infections, such as bactericular sprays and masks, and the luggage in bags tends to increase, but this has been functionally organized.

I personally love clothes using African fabric, so I'm waiting for a new RICCI EVEIRYDAY clothes lineup! (smile)


-My boom-

My boom is BTS! (Laughs) Just before the new Colonavirus gave birth to the first child, I often felt that it was hard last year. Meanwhile, I heard about "Dynamite", which was very popular worldwide, and I still have a heavy rotation about a year later.

Dynamite has triggered interest in various aspects of Korea, such as how stoiced Korean idols are training, seeing documentaries, and examining Korean gender issues. South Korea has never been to me because it is a neighboring country, but when this pandemic ends, I want to go first! I think. (Until then, while listening to Dynamite, I am working hard to maintain my motivation by making cheese duckl and sundubu at home.)



-Message to customers-

Thank you for reading! I would be glad if my daily life became colorful through RICCI EVERYDAY. We look forward to working with you in the future!

Look forward to the next staff introduction!

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