Introduction of Sunkus with Love gift set

hello everyone.
I'm Kondo, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL.

February was in no time.
How are you spending these days when the cold weather is severe and the daytime sunlight is warm?

Now,In today's column, we will introduce a perfect gift set for February and March, which is Valentine / White Day.
You can purchase it at online stores and directly managed stores, so please see the details.

For loved ones, for those who are indebted, and to yourself.
How about giving it with a sweet chocolate?

All sets are set with chocolate.

* Gift wrapping of product photos is limited to online stores.

  • Eco ¥4,950

It features a solid thick fabric, and if you stop the internal button, you can enjoy it with a trapezoidal silhouette.
Even if you have only eco -friendly, you can enjoy it from the function and fashion.

The compact ecomi -diamidium is very gorgeous if you have one thin and eco -friendly. It is also good to wear it when you shop a little, or put things that you can't get into the main bag.

Chitenge Kinkyaku with a cute silhouette with a colon.
On the day you want to act lightly, it is wonderful to put things that fit in this mushroom and make it a fashion item.

A cosmetic pouch that many people take as a pouch. A pouch that will fit into the shape of every bag with a soft material.
Isn't it a nice point that the gusset is attached? You can put your daily necessities compactly.

I. Mask, which has been placed in your daily life since last year's sales.
At this time, I would be glad if you could give me a little excitement by handing it out as a gift.
Now that wearing a mask becomes everyday, how about spending time with a vivid mask?

We will deliver it in the lineup of 5 points.
We will deliver it as a vivid gift with Citrin Caravan's chocolate.

In the online store, the pattern and inventory are limited, so if you have one point, please check it out as soon as possible.

* Delivery ~ When purchasing at online store ~
・ We will deliver the products ordered by 2/11 by 2/14 (excluding some areas)
・ We will deliver the product ordered by March 11 by March 14 (excluding some areas).

At the directly managed store, we offer gifts set for eco, eco -eco -like, chitenge kinkhaku, cosmetic pouch S, and mask.
Here, you can make a gift by combining your favorite pattern, so I hope you can choose your favorite pattern at the store.

May it be fun to find one of your favorite points from many patterns. I feel that time passes by various patterns one after another and the time passes in no time ...! smile

The days when you can't feel comfortable going out with peace of mind have been newly continued, but as a gift for those who are important, take care of the "Sunkus with Love" gift set, and as a gift for yourself. I hope you enjoy the time to choose at a store full of colors.

For details on online store Thanks with LoveHerefrom

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When you come to the store, please cooperate with the disinfection at the alcohol gel near the door. We will also carry out your own temperature inspection.
As a result of the temperature measurement, we may refrain from entering the store with 37.0 degrees or more, so we look forward to your understanding and cooperation.

Currently, directly managed stores want to enjoy shopping for customers in the distance, so we provide online customer service services by LINE video call. When visiting the store directly, please make a reservation from the following link by the day before the desired date of visit.

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