This summer is a smart with the yukata x basket series.

It's been a long time, everyone. I'm Hashimoto, a RICCI EVERYDAY staff. How are you?

In the rainy season in earnest, the time of jealousy continues. I'm not good at moisture, and recently I cut my hair and turned short hair, cooling my head and neck.

It may be a skinhead next year! stay tuned! (smile)

It's summer when the time is over! Speaking of summer, fireworks and festivals. I hope this year will be held ...! At fireworks and festivals, some people may be able to wear yukata.

With the wish of "I want to wear a yukata this year!", This time, we will introduce the coordination of the RICCI EVERYDAY basketball series that matches the yukata. (yay!)

This is my first time to introduce a coordination of yukata and RICCI EVERYDAY products, so I think it's fun just to look at it.♪Please take a look.

table of contents

1. Sisal Two Tone Marche Bag Series x Yukata

2. Fruit Cross Shet Basketke Series x Yukata

3. Paper bead bag series x yukata

Four. lastly

1. Sisal Two Tone Marche Bag Series x Yukata

Yukata and Sizar Two -tone Marche Bag series are stable coordination! It is a bag that goes well with any yukata pattern.

If you have a small luggage or want to have a minimum luggage, S size. If you have a lot of luggage such as leisure seats and drinks, L size is recommended.

Sisal Two Tone Marche Bag S

The color of the yukata is generally suppressed, so bringing a white bical there will give you a light atmosphere.

It is also recommended to have a pink cizzle not only in the white sizzle but also to the color of the yukata. There is a sense of unity overall.

Sisal Two Tone Marche Bag L

It has the opposite color bag that is not in the color of the yukata, but it is an accent and enhances the yukata, bag, and color of each other.

You might think, "Isn't the L size big?"

2. Fruit Cross Shet Basket Series x Yukata

A fruit black shet that features a round shape woven in Raffia. If you combine it with a yukata, it will be an accent!

The fruit black shet series has a light bag, so it is easy to hold at fireworks and festivals that tend to be crowded.♪

Square Fruit Cross Shet Basket

This year, a square fruit black shocket basket that has been a friend. A bag with a sense of stability that is not too big.

Choose the lime color to match the color of the yukata. It creates a unique atmosphere while having a sense of unity.

I put a furoshiki in the bag! It is also compatible with the cool pattern furoshiki. Is the combination of [Japanese tradition x African tradition] ants? !

Fruit Cross Shet Basket

The classic fruit blackshet basket has picked up a natural color.

The natural color goes well with any yukata and makes it look stylish.

It naturally blends into nature as you think, "Is it originally from Japan?"

It is recommended that you put shoulder kin -chak in the basket!

The shoulder kinkyaku chose a pink yak to the pink color of the yukata.

If your luggage becomes heavy on the way, you can put the shoulder kinkyaku diagonally and put another luggage in the fruit black shet, so it is a convenient combination.♪

3. Paper bead bag series x yukata

In fact, a 100 % compatible paper bead bag with a yukata. It has a strong image of matching clothes and dresses, but it turned out that it was very cute when combined with the yukata! ! (Oh!)

Paper beads two -tone bag

The two -tone colored paper bead bag uses peppermint x light green.

Although it is a bag of the opposite color from the yukata, the color of the paper bead bag itself is a calm color, making it an adult -like impression.

If you imagine the lanterns illuminated by the lights of lanterns, it will be a fleeting image.

Paper beads and colorful bags

The one -tone color is a chic khaki color.

The yukata is a pop and refreshing impression, so if you put khaki there will give you a stylish impression!

Four. lastly

For the first time, I tried to coordinate the yukata x basket series.

All the staff took the picture with the excitement of "Cute!"

The yukata itself had two patterns, but I was surprised that the impression would change so much depending on the bag to match. Fashion is interesting!

There are still photos that are not introduced in this column, and they will be sent on each SNS. Please pay attention.

I want to wear a yukata and walk around the city this year. I also want to pull out the sleeping yukata in my house's closet and match it with the basket series!

Please take a challenge by all means♪

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