We will start eco-packaging service

From March 1, 2021, we started the eco-packaging service at the online store.


1. What is eco-packaging?

Eco-packaging is environmentally friendly and simplified packaging.

At the RICCI EVERYDAY online store, you can buy products on blue thin paper.Wrapped and sent to the customerHowever, if you wish, we will send the product directly to the box without wrapping it in thin paper. Also, keep the enclosed items to a minimum.

2. Background of starting eco-packaging

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we are making sustainable efforts such as using environmentally friendly cloth and appropriately involving women with technology and motivation in production activities.
This time, we will start a new eco-packaging service from the viewpoint of "environmental consideration".

Due to refraining from going out, online shopping and take-out are increasing, especially the amount of household waste. (reference:Nikkei newspaper
Infection control is the most important thing, but I think we should also live while considering the impact on the earth we live in. Reducing the amount of garbage also leads to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions generated during incineration.

Reducing garbage will also lead to actions toward the goal of SDGs Goal 12, “Responsibility to Create and Responsibility to Use”, which has recently become widespread in Japan.

Goal 12 stipulates sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources, food waste and waste reduction.

reference:United Nations

Eco-packaging may be a small action to achieve our goals, but we hope that this action will reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.



3. Contents of eco-packaging and ordering method

In a white envelope
・ Delivery note
・ Handling precautions
・ Statement card
・ Thank you card (message from the representative)
Is included.

The product is wrapped in blue thin paper and sent.

・ Delivery note
・ Handling precautions
I will enclose only two points.

In addition, the product itself will not be wrapped in blue thin paper (wrapping paper). We will send the item directly to the shipping box (or envelope).

If you would like eco-packaging, please write "eco-packaging" in the remarks column of the order screen (cart).

For customers ordering eco-packaging, although it is smallWe will send you a 100 yen off coupon with the product!! Please use it for your next shopping.

Would you like to do something good for the earth with RICCI EVERYDAY?