Aim to solve social issues in fashion! Recruitment for students' interns!

Hello everyone. I'm Chitsu Nakamoto, representative of RICCI EVERYDAY.

RICCI EVERYDAY is a lifestyle brand that manufactures and sells bags and miscellaneous goods made of colorful and playful African prints (fabric) and sustainable materials.

Uganda's local market is lined up with a number of shops with novel design and colorful African plints, and there are many works that are full of craftsmen and artists.
When I first visited, I looked for my favorite cloth as if I was looking for a treasure.

Recently, we are making manufacturing that makes use of the characteristic materials with craftsmen with various techniques, as well as African plints. I met the craftsmen who are scattered in Uganda and are working to make their passion, and they were further drawn into the charm of Uganda's manufacturing.

RICCI EVERYDAY offers excitement and surprises to customers with the design of the product through various encounters in Uganda.

Encounter with a Uganda woman

I met a single mother in Uganda four years ago in Uganda.

Uganda is very difficult to find a stable working mouth.

At that time, she had only the amount of money below Uganda's average income, and could not make the children go to school satisfactorily. She had a strong remorse for her that she wasn't educated.

Uganda is very difficult for young people to get a decent job, with a employment rate of about 20-30%, even though they are out of the prestigious university. It is difficult for women who have not received higher education to get a job, and people who sell foods on the roadside to live while raising children, or work in poor environments at low wages as factories. Was almost.

About RICCI EVERYDAY initiatives

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where women could work with peace of mind in response to such reality? I want to create an environment where women can blossom the talents of women and live a richer life through their work. With that in mind, I launched RICCI EVERYDAY.

The first single -mother woman I met became the first employee of the Company, and now seven years later, all the children go to school, and the house that was previously surrounded by brick -exposed walls. I was able to see a big change, such as being firmly reinforced with concrete.

And seeing her self -confidence in being our staff is my motivation for this business.

In addition, I met Uganda's proud paper beads, up -cycle leather craftsmen, Berk Cross craftsmen using wooden skin, spread their manufacturing in Japan and the world, and connect with many people. I wanted to make it, so I took a step towards more chapters.

Currently, Uganda is operated by 17 people (production staff: 15, Admin work: 2), and Japan is operated by 10 staff members (mostly marketing teams).

We procure raw materials mainly in Uganda and Ghana, sew in Uganda's directly managed studio, and export the final processed products produced by craftsmen in various fields to Japan.

Products are sold mainly at our own online store, RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom, and pop -up stores and select shops at major department stores nationwide.

An intern recruitment to deliver excitement to customers with African printing!

RICCI EVERYDAY, where women around the world realize their potential and live with confidence and pride through African plints.

This time, we are looking for marketing internships that convey the charm of African plastic lint and the manufacturing story to Japanese customers ( * it will be an intern in Japan).

We are looking for those who can be in charge of online store management work and RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom.

In the online store management work, you will be in charge of delivery management of online store products, managing columns, SNS management, etc. We are looking for those who want to learn the basics of online marketing, create website content and send it to customers.

In the showroom work, you will be in charge of customer service to customers who come to the showroom on Saturdays and Sundays and holidays, and in general for the operation of the showroom. It is perfect for those who want to learn the planning and operation of shops and shop events and content.

Regarding the specific work content, we will ask the applicants for the wishes of the applicants.

▼ Example of content of online marketing business
・ Operation of online store (KPI management, delivery management, visual preparation etc.)
・ Creating content of website
・ SNS operation

▼ RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurasa Showroom contents Example
・ Operation of showrooms (sales management, event planning, visiting reservation management ETC)
・ Customer service to customers who come to the store on weekends and holidays

▼ Work form
・ Meetings a couple of times a week (remote meeting in basic ZOOM)
・ On and offline work about 15 hours a week
* It will be a business in Japan, not in Uganda domestic.

▼ Number of applicants
・ 1-2 people

▼ It is suitable for such a person
・ You can think, propose, and execute yourself
・ You can do self -management at work (for remote work)
・ You can report, contact, and consult with the business execution
・ You can notice and improve the details
・ You can acquire information and take action to achieve your goals

▼ Application requirements
・ I sympathize with the philosophy of RICCI EVERYDAY
・ Be aware of the results
・ Being a college student or graduate student
・ Being able to commit about 15 hours a week
・ Being able to continue for 4 months or more

▼ Treatment

Voice of intern student (including graduates)
Tsuda Juku University S
"I was studying international relations and development at universities, and when I was thinking," How do you want to be involved with Africa? " I was able to get a glimpse of the business, and the experience I gained was a catalyst for reconsidering my future. I was grateful that I could challenge anything depending on myself. "

The University of Tokyo W
"I am interested in solving social issues throughout the business, and sympathize with the philosophy of RICCI EVERYDAY," aiming to realize a world where women around the world are aware of their potential and live with will and pride. " I was mainly involved in the operation of a directly managed store, but when I see the store changes with my own work, it feels very rewarding. I am also willing and proud of my internship. I think it has become possible to live with it. "

▼ The flow of application
First, please send an email to the following address.
Within a few days, we will notify you of the individual roundtable schedule adjustment here.
Subject: [RICCI EVERYDAY] Student intern application

In the text, please describe your name, school name, grade, contact information, and reasons for interest (concisely).

The selection process is as follows. We assume about 2 weeks from application to results notification.
① Application for individual round -table discussions by email

② Implement an individual round -table discussion with the staff (performed at ZOOM)

③ Submission of resume and motivation

④ Interview with representative Nakamoto / team leader (performed at ZOOM)

⑤ Results notification

As soon as the number of recruiters is reached, the recruitment will be closed, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.
If you have any questions or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Those who want to contribute to socially meaningful businesses, such as women's empowerment and sub -spa harassment and Africa in general, those who want to commit to achieve results with a sense of speed unique to ventures, and feel exciting in African printing. Let's talk once!

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