[Press release] New collection GIFT from Trash has been announced

PR TIMES Through the new line "Gift from Trash" commemorating the 7th anniversary of the brand operation, we have announced.

This is a collection that up -cycle the jeans of cloths and old clothes that have flowed from the fabric.

In recent years, mass production and mass consumption in the apparel industry are an issue. However, the clothes actually consumed are limited, and the rest are sold cheaply to developing countries. It is true that local people can buy clothes cheaply, but they are squeezing the local textile and sewing industry.

The same situation is happening in Uganda, where we do business.

This collection, with the desire to recognize that there is a fact that some kind of "good intentions" such as "effective use of surplus products" or "donations" are actually squeezing the life of someone in the world. I decided to create.

"Gift from Trash" Collection Overview

【Product Details】

① Goodwill bag

A tote bag produced using a used clothing market and a fabric hagilly that came out in the production process in the workshop.

② Hope bag

A handbag designed using Berk Cross and beef horns, a special product of Uganda, using the hagire from the production process in the workshop.

[Sales details]

We will start selling at RICCI EVERYDAY official online store and RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL Kagurazaka Showroom on September 2 (Fri).

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