[Press release] About the sale of TFT-UA × RICCI EVERYDAY collaboration miscellaneous goods that will lead to support

Through FASHION PRESSS RELEASE, Old Works Frontier Co., Ltd. announces that it will sell "Table for UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION" (TFT-UA) and our three-party joint-developed products. did.


This time, "Old Works Frontier, which aims to be an apparel business as a college group" TFT-UA "that sympathizes with the philosophy of" Table for Two International ", which is" eliminating food imbalances "and an apparel business as a bridge to social contribution. "And our joint development has realized three products, a tote bag, a card case, and a handkerchief.


Each time you purchase one point, the 100 yen donation will be a school lunch for children in developing countries through "Talbe for Two International".


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