【press release】NAWOLOVU(Naulov) line will start

Through PR TIMES, we make use of sustainable materials and craftsmanship「NAWOLOVU"(Nawolov) We have announced that the line will be renewed.

Also, on August 27 (Fri), a new product that makes use of the sustainable material "Berk Cross" using traditional wooden skins in Uganda will be launched online.

* Berk Cross is a material that stretches the wooden skin from Mutuba tree, which is thinly stretched like a cloth. Even if you use a wooden skin to make a bark cross, if you do it properly, a sturdy skin will be regenerated on the surface of the wood. The craftsmen carefully peeled off the tree, boiled the skin, and stretched thinner with a hammer. It was confirmed that Berk Cross was used in Uganda in the 12th century. It is a story a long time ago that cotton spreads in Uganda, and is also called "the oldest cloth in mankind".


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