Extension of point card expiration date

Thank you very much for your Ricci everyday.
The expiration date of the point card is extended for one year in view of the limited opportunity of the visit to Ricci evyday the Hill store, such as going out by the influence of the expansion of the new corona virus.
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Customers who have issued a point card at a direct held store prior to August 1, 2020 will extend the expiration date of the card for a year from the date listed.
Customers who have issued a point card at the directly operated store after August 1, 2020 will be valid for two years.
Customers who receive a temporary point card (brown) after purchase
This card will be available for two years from the issuance point card in the temporary point card.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the above correspondence.
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Phone number: 03-6455-2446 / info@riccieveryday.com
(it is difficult to respond on Thursday and Friday, so please contact us by email)
I hope you will appreciate Ricci evyyy in the future.
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