We're starting a repair service.

We started the repair service at a directly managed store because we wanted everyone who purchased a bag at RICCI EVERYDAY to use the product for a long time. The following two services started in January 2020:

(1) Waterproof spray: 100 yen (+ tax)
We will spray waterproofing on the spot at a directly managed store.
By spraying waterproofing, you can reduce the color and dirt of the bag.
At the stage of manufacturing the product, we have confirmed that it does not lose color, but by using waterproof spray, it is easy to keep vivid colors.
The bag may smell for a while after spraying. Please understand in advance.

(2) Repair of metal fittings in various Akello bags
The parts that can be repaired at directly managed stores are as follows. It is a form to keep the bag at the directly managed store, and to have the store come to receive the product as soon as the repair is completed.

[List of places that can be repaired]
Left and right metal fittings at the top of the bag (one side): 500 yen + tax (1,000 yen + tax on both sides)
Internal magnet: 2,000 yen per place + tax (4,000 yen + tax on uneven set)
Metal fittings on the bottom four corners (two places on one side): 1,500 yen + tax (3,000 yen + tax on all bottoms)

The metal fittings on the bottom four corners are available in Uganda, so it will take several months to hand them over. Please understand in advance.

If there is a problem with the bag you purchased, please feel free to come to Daikanyama directly managed store.

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