It completely needs reservations, and arrive with the Daikanyama direct management store business reopening

Thank you for always favoring RICCI EVERYDAY.

The RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill Daikanyama direct management store assumed it suspension of business temporary than the beginning of April by emergency declaration given from the government, but I receive this cancellation sentence and reopen the business of the store from Monday, June 1.

I finally meet visitor one one directly and come to be able to guide a product, and the all the staff joy is much more, too.

But I want to do the visit with a pre-order system for the time being to find security and health of a visitor by the influence of the new coronavirus and our staff sequentially and ask a visitor.

About a ・I do it with 5:00 p.m., and the business of the direct management store can choose a product from 11:00 a.m. relaxedly during 30 minutes per set state. Meanwhile, it is said that it is chartered and will act not to make dense space.

・In addition, the reservation every 30 minutes is Sunday, August 2 from Friday, July 24. From Monday, August 3 of 60 minutes per set state become chartered.

・Every Thursday, I should take a rest for the time being on Friday. I would like a reservation between one from Saturday to Wednesday.

・I accept the reservation than this URL.

・Until 17:00, a reservation receptionist is possible the day before.

・One person of representative, please make a reservation for the plural names on the occasion of a visit. I hope that I have you input the visit number of people (I would like to up to two people).

・The reservation is free.

In addition, I do it with new coronavirus infection preventive measures against our store sequentially and work on the following content.
・Brisk alcohol sterilization in the shop, sanitization
・Regular ventilation
・Wearing of thermometry of the staff, physical condition management and the mask

When it is put to the visitor, I have you come to the store in peace and am happy if you can fully enjoy time to choose the product.

If there are ignorance points about the correspondence mentioned above, please contact contact information without reserve as follows.

RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill Daikanyama direct management store
A phone number: 03-6455-2446 /
(please contact me by an email on Friday on Thursday because the correspondence over the telephone is difficult)

As causing a visitor inconvenience, but understanding cooperating thank you for your cooperation.


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