We will hold a “COLOR, POWER.” Campaign on Instagram.

At RICCI EVERYDAY, we aim to create a world where women around the world can overcome social conventions and stereotypes and discover and realize what they really want to be. I sympathize with "International Women's Day" on March 8th, and together with the brand concept of "COLOR, POWER." POWER. "Campaign" will start.

If you post a photo of a color item that will inspire you with the hashtag #riccieveryday, we will send a wonderful gift to the 5 people who posted it.


We would be grateful if you could colorfully color the hashtag of #riccieveryday with us.


Campaign period

March 5th (Friday) -March 14th (Sunday), 2021 10 days


Photo theme

Color items that inspire me

The photos are OK even if they are not RICCI EVERYDAY items. For example, fruits, plants, landscapes, nails, etc. Please tell us what makes you excited and energized!

(Those who do not have RICCI EVERYDAY items can also participate in the campaign)


Application method

① Follow RICCI EVERYDAY's Instagram account (@riccieveryday)

Official account:https://www.instagram.com/riccieveryday/

② Shoot "color items that give me energy"

③ Posted with episodes related to the theme and hashtag "#riccieveryday"


Present prize

We will present an eco-bag with "COLOR, POWER." Printed on it and mimosa flowers to the 5 people who posted wonderfully. Winners will be notified by DM from @riccieveryday on March 22nd.

* Please note that if you do not receive a reply within one week from the notification of winning, the winning will be invalid.

* Products can only be shipped within Japan.


【Qualification requirements】

・ You must be following the official account of RICCI EVERYDAY.

・ You must have an Instagram account open to the public. Please note that those who keep their account private will not be eligible for winning.

・ Those who post to the feed will be eligible for the prize. Please note that those who posted on Stories, IGTV, or Lille will not be eligible for the prize.

・ We may introduce the contents and images posted in connection with this project on this project, SNS operated by our company, or other media.

・ If you do not follow @riccieveryday at the end of this campaign, your application will be invalid.

・ This campaign has no relationship with Instagram or Facebook.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about this campaign, please use Instagram direct message orHerePlease contact us from.


【Terms of service】

・ The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the photographer.

・ We may introduce the contents and images posted in connection with this project on this project, SNS operated by our company, or other media.

・ When introducing the posted content, the account name of the applicant may be displayed.

・ When posting the submitted work, we shall be able to post it after freely editing it.

・ Please note that the submitted work may be downloaded from this site by a third party and used for secondary purposes.

・ If we determine that the submitted work violates the application guidelines and terms of use, we may cancel the posting of the submitted work without notice. If we stop posting, we will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the reason.

・ Prohibitions for participating in this campaign

・ Unauthorized use of copyrighted works.

・ Honor of others, social credibility, invasion of privacy, slander, harassment, etc.

・ Includes personally identifiable information such as name, address, and telephone number.

・ Other acts that are deemed inappropriate in this campaign.

・ Regarding the handling of our personal informationprivacy policyPlease confirm.

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