The Pre-Reservation System for the Daikanyama and the Online Customer Service are available.

Thank you for your patroning of RICCI EVERYDAY better than the one in square.

Representative RICCI EVERYDAY representative Chizu Nakamoto.

Currently, RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill Daikanzan-in-Government Store is operating in advance reservation systems to ensure the safety and health of customers and our staff due to the effects of the new type of new coronavirus.

Since August 3, 2020, we have changed our reservation system for the purpose of improving the convenience of our customers.

I ask you to understand the degree of understanding.


About the new booking site.

As a result of the changes in the system, the specifications for the products that you would like to see at the time of the visit are available in advance.Please note that you may not be able to provide the desired products on the day depending on your inventory availability.

With the change of the system, we have expanded the line of reception of online contact services.


From the new booking site, you can choose from the following two services:

About the advance reservation system.

-Reservations are:This URLYou may be able to accept it.

-The sales of the directly-managed store will be provided at 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can choose to choose a product for 60 minutes per pack.In the meantime, we will make efforts to ensure that we will not create a space that is good for us.

Every Thursday, Friday will be a holiday for the time being.Please make a reservation for a period of time from Saturday to Wednesday.

-Reservations can be received on the online system until the day before the desired date.Please contact us by phone (03-6455-2446) to make a reservation on the day of your reservation.

*If you are booked on the day before the booking date, you will be able to provide your preferred products by the day of the reservation, and if you have any of the products you wish, please make sure you are booked up to 3 days prior to the reservation.

*This may not be possible depending on the availability of inventory.

For multiple names (with a maximum of 2 characters), please make a reservation for a representative person at the time of your visit.

The reservation is free of charge.


About online-grounded customer service

-Reservations are:This URLWe will accept it.

You can connect LINE phones from your smartphone, and you can enjoy shopping as if you were in a store.You will be asked to answer questions, including product specifications, colour, inventory availability, and other items.

This service is launched to allow customers to enjoy shopping at home even under the circumstances under which the new coronavirus can be affected.It is also recommended for customers who live far away from their own stores and are hard to carry their legs.

In the future, we are devising a lineup of services, including a coordinated proposal for items and fashion items.

Please confirm the LINE ID of RICCI EVERYDAY from the "Simple Survey Response Column" at the time of booking, and ask for "Add friends" before making your reservation.

The reservation is free of charge.


We will continue to work on the following measures to prevent the new coronavirus infections of our stores.

-Disinfection and disinfection of alcohol in the store.

-Stationary ventilation.

Wearing and body management and mask wear for staff


It would be fortunate if you were to have a good time to enjoy the time to choose the product, as well as to be relieved of your time.

If you have any questions regarding the above measures, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time until the following contacts are made.


RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill Daikanzan

Phone number: 03-6455-2446/

(On Thursdays and Fridays, please contact us via email as it is difficult to respond by phone.)


I would like to thank you for your inconvenience, but for your understanding and cooperation, please thank you for the degree of your convenience.


RICCI EVERYDAY national football team

Chizu Nakamoto