About the temporary suspension of business of the RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill Daikanyama direct management store

Thank you for always favoring RICCI EVERYDAY.
It is Nakamoto of the RICCI EVERYDAY representative.

From thought to want to check infection expansion of Tokyo as much as possible, I decided to do RICCI EVERYDAY The Hill Daikanyama direct management store with suspension of business late next week in temporariness until Sunday on 12th from Saturday on 4th this weekend while new coronavirus raged.
I will trouble the visitor that a visit was planned and am very sorry.

Anyway, it is first by health and the security of a visitor and the employee and improvement of the infection situation of the Great Society and wants to move that it is possible as us to the practice now.
I ask to have it be understood.

I come to often spend it at home and think whether you may put it away gloomily.
I think that I can get over this time together in such a case while taking spirit for a unique pattern and bold coloration made on an African print.

Because the online store lasts and opens, please come to the peeping Tom for a change.

I think to be able to spend this time for a bright feeling to all of you even a little to increase the variations of a product lineup and the handle of.

As favoring it sequentially thanking you in advance.