A special feature on the directly managed studio!

I'm Hiromi Masaki, a member of RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama -direct store).

This time, we interviewed the staff working in the Uganda studio, entitled the directly managed workshop craftsman special feature, and talked about the appeal of work and the appeal of manufacturing. A total of 13 people in charge of leather processing and tailoring staff have asked RICCI EVERYDAY about the changes in their current work, and future prospects, so I will introduce them!

1. How did you meet RICCI EVERYDAY?
2. What do you keep in mind when making products?
3. What kind of changes have you started working on RICCI EVERYDAY?
4. What are your future goals and dreams?


1. How did you meet RICCI EVERYDAY?
Many staff members met the RICCI EVERYDAY staff in the occupational community, unions, and women's communities of clothing and handicrafts, and said that they had met their current job.

Uganda has many women's support communities, where women teach each other to learn vocational skills, and workshops that teach leather processing and handicrafts production skills. Many women who participate in workshops in such places face poverty, such as how to make a living every day and how to nourish children. 。

Until then, they were desperate to support their daily lives with their children, looking for what they could use their talents and abilities, and asked the RICCI EVERYDAY staff to introduce their current job. He told me that he clearly remembered the time.

Male staff and female staff also say that they knew their current job in the wake of their family's job. He heard from their mother and brothers about the work of the workshop and said that they were interested.

In this way, considering that they have come to Japan through the connections in local communities and the introductions from their families, they are created by the fact that they have been interested in RICCI EVERYDAY and are interested in the products that reach Japan. There is something deeply emotional.

2. What do you keep in mind when making products?
When asked the staff who met RICCI EVERYDAY about what they were careful about and what they were devising, many staff members said, "The appeal of the products made with their own hands itself. Many answers were given to "pull out" and "customers who use this product in Japan and the world".

Regarding the charm of the product itself, many staff members keep the quality of the product better and to like the products of RICCI EVERYDAY, so that the details, such as sewing and connecting sewing, do not shift. He told me that he was making it.

Also, in the production process, it seems that they often rediscover the charm of the product itself and the depth of manufacturing, and one female staff said, "Every product is made up of our ideas from the beginning to the end. I can feel pride every time. "

In addition, the staff often think of Japanese customers through products made with their own hands.

One staff member said, "It is fun to imagine how the products they have made cross the sea, when they are picked up by Japanese customers, or when they are used in everyday life. "He told me.

The workshop staff are usually in Uganda, a distant country, but you can feel that your heart is always connected to us in Japan.

3. What kind of changes have you started working on RICCI EVERYDAY?
The encounter with RICCI EVERYDAY was diverse depending on the staff, but what have been changed through the RICCI EVERYDAY work?

First of all, the answer to the staff was the answer to "learning technology."

One female staff told me that she had acquired the technology that could create high -quality products that customers were looking for, compared to before working on RICCI EVERYDAY. She seems to have gained more of her skills while she realizes her skills, and she has gained her confidence and ambition. rice field.

In addition to work skills, it seems that they have made various changes to their lives. Many of the staff told me, "Since I started working on RICCI EVERYDAY, I was able to get children to be educated in my work and have a meal every day."

They seem to be really happy to be able to reconfirm the joy of fulfilling their role as a mother through their current job, and their voices during the interview are very popular, and they feel warm. became.

It's very impressive to be able to find out about your position in your family by becoming financially independent through work on RICCI EVERYDAY.

4. What are your future goals and dreams?
Finally, I was able to ask about my future goals.

Many staff said, "I want you to improve your current technology and your products will reach the original hands of people in many regions, not just Uganda and Japan." 。 One staff gave me a passion and motivation answer, saying, "I want to create and impact more products that make full use of my ideas."

In this way, there are many staff members in Uganda who are working on daily production with higher goals by learning technology and stabilizing their lives. Why don't you use items in your daily life while thinking about them?

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