2022.6.10 Debut

"Carry happiness"
"Akero 38" series new appearance


RICCI EVERYDAY's icon bag "Achero Bag", which has been loved by many people since its founding, has a new "Akero 38" series.

I reviewed my design and functions based on the voices I have received so that I can learn my "like" every day and to be more loved, and I was born as a bag that is more close to our customers.

"Akero" means "carry good luck" in Uganda.
In addition, the number of "38" was taken from the International Women's Day (March 8), so that women around the world can find out the original and stereotypes and realize their original what they want. It represents the vision of RICCI EVERYDAY.

[Recommended points of Akero 38]

■ POINT1: A bottom design with a feather that can be used for a long time than ever

If you use it for a long time, the part of the bottom corner will gradually be worn out because it is made of fabric. Therefore, by setting the bottom with a feather design, the design was difficult to rub.

By stopping the snap button and putting on the wings, you can use it as a bag with a different impression. The ease of stopping the button has also been improved.

In the future, this feather will be one of the new designs that symbolize Akero 38.
The form is suitable for a good luck bag.

■ POINT2: Pouch with the attached strap that is easy to find things in the bag

Akello Bag 4WAY 38And mediumAkello The porch attached to 38 is also a square shape from the previous form. With a strap, it can be attached to the handle of the bag, making it easier to find.

You can also remove this pouch and use it when you move or go out.

■ POINT3: Flap attached so that the contents are invisible

The flap was added to three sizes other than the Akeropo Shet 38 so that the contents of the bag could not be seen. It plays the role of crime prevention as well as a blindfold. Since the same fabric as the outside is used, your favorite pattern will appear when you open the bag.

■ POINT4: Pocket of size that can fit in any size mobile

Akero Bag 38 and MediumAkelloThe 38 inner pocket has two, with a normal and a chuck.
By eliminating the partitions that had been attached to the normal pocket, the size became larger and the size of any size came in.

■ POINT5: Strap fasteners placed so that the form can be kept

We adjust the position of the strap fastenzer in a good balance so that the mouth of the bag is not too expanded when using a strap so that the square form, which is a characteristic of Akero, can be kept as it is.


In addition, the length of the strap can be adjusted. You can fine -tune the length according to the coordination.

[Akero 38 series]

■ Akello Bag 4WAY 3815,180 yen including tax
■ Akello Yoko 3814,080 yen including tax
■ Mini Akello 3812,980 yen including tax
■ Akello Pochette 3811,550 yen including tax

(4WAY Medium / Mini Pochette from the left)