RICCI EVERYDAY, which is working on sustainability in the fashion industry
Through collaboration projects with various companies
We are creating things and content that can realize "sustainability" realistically.

"Producer", "creator" and "consumer" are connected
We are also challenged to create a mechanism.

In addition, according to your wishes, such as applications, designs, quantities, etc.
We will consult with you custom -made.

If you wish, please contact us below.



A collaboration anion with BE Organic Balm is realized.
African plastic pouches and eco bags,
In a mini paper bead bagIt is a collaboration item.


The three parties developed by the student organization "TFT-UA", "Old Works Frontier" and RICCI EVERYDAY, aiming for an apparel business as a bridge to contribute to society.
A donation product that will be a school lunch for children in developing countries.


Use African plastic fabric that matches your wishes to produce a collaboration pouch. A joint pop -up store is held at department stores.



We are producing and selling people involved and the environment to be happy for the future generation.

The creator is connected with the customer

We provide customers with opportunities for things that you can feel the connection with Uganda producers and gain learning, not just consumption of things.

Promotion of SDGS

It is committed to achieving the following goals among the goals of SDGS17.
5 "Let's realize gender equality"
10 "Let's eliminate people and countries inequality
12 "Responsibilities to make, responsibility to use"


Plus Vendome

I think it's a very necessary way of thinking for Japanese women today. I offered PLUS VENDOME customers to increase my "like" more and to experience positive minds that I can make such a choice through collaboration.

Now that there is a sense of obstruction due to the corona evil, for example, when I am not confident today, I have this collaboration, and the RICCI EVERYDAY staff who produced this pouch in Africa Uganda, a distant African Uganda. I hope you can imagine the strongest smile and the best smile.

And I would be grateful if you could incorporate this collaboration item in the usual casual clothing, healed by the color and pattern of Uganda's nature as a motif.

Be Organic

"Make the active worker can work lively so that Japan is fine."
Be, in order to realize this feeling, is involved in active workers that create the future of the earth.

Through this collaboration, there is a distance of "Japan and Uganda", but all active workers involved, including the creators of the product, are more rich, and embodies the elements and commitment necessary for the recycling society. I think it has become a planned project.

From this project, I hope that you will find an opportunity to work and become rich in active workers in your 20s and 30s in your 20s and 30s.