The traditional pattern of African plint is
Each has a story and meaning.

Here are some of them.

Eye / Big Eye

A pattern that imagined water droplets that drip after drawing water in a well and ripples spread when pebbles are dropped. In addition to cutting out such a moment of nature, it also means "I do not know whether it is a good direction or a bad direction, but your actions will affect the surroundings in any case."


A pattern designed with the image of the sandy land waving. The meaning of the pattern that focuses on the patterns brought by the natural environment are born, and it can be seen that each of the patterns is related to the environment where we live.

High -life

A pattern derived from the music genre "High Life" that originated in African countries, mainly English -speaking countries such as Ghana. High Life is a fusion of music in West Africa and Europe, a general term for popular music such as guitars, jazz, and brass bands. By leaving it on the fabric in this way, it seems that this "high life spirit" is inherited to the next generation.

Circle circle

A circle drawn all over the government represents the government. Traditionally, the ring is said to be respectful, but this handle is the motif of handcuffs in contrast, and is a symbol of law and justice.


A swallow pattern that symbolizes various things such as change, wealth, and freedom. The most famous is that today's wealth does not guarantee tomorrow's wealth. The money shows that the wings grow like this swallow, and if they are not firmly grasped, they will fly to the place they want to go.


A pattern with a motif of the holoholo birds that live in African countries. The holoholo bird is a bird that features a polka dot pattern that is scattered with a sloppy form and pearls.

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There are many patterns other than the above.

Please enjoy it as if you were in the cloth market.