How do you match your daily life? Introducing the coordination and usage of RE staff♪

Hello, this is Oda of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The hot day has continued since August, and the days when I can't help but think that the heat is getting harsher year by year.

Please be careful about your physical condition.

Now! This is my first column in the category of "Staff Product Introduction". In "Staff Product Introduction", we will review the items of the RICCI EVERYDAY that the staff actually purchased and used!

This time, I review RICCI EVERYDAY's classic item "Achero bag" and "Cube Pouch" with outstanding storage capacity!

I would like to be able to tell you the real usability you used from April.

1. Akero bag

2. Cube pouch

3. At the end

1. Akero bag

The reason I bought an Akero bag was that when I first learned about RICCI EVERYDAY, I was fascinated by the vividness of African plints and thought, "I want to wear this wonderful pattern and walk around the city." 。

I noticed that I bought four from April.

I am excited every time a new work comes out. smile

  • Recommended points

Here are two recommended points I think about Akero bags!

① Although it is light, it is easy to carry because the shape of the bag is hard to change

If you put a PC, if it is a normal cloth bag, the shape of the bag will be deformed by the weight, making it difficult to hang it on your shoulders or difficult to hold it?

The akero bag is very useful because it is light with a cloth bag, but the shape of the bag is hard to change even if it contains heavy things such as PCs and books.

This is the luggage that is commonly placed in medium Akero.

The storage capacity is perfect♪

A bag that I often use personally

・ I like the cloth bag because it is light and I like it, but if you put a heavy thing, the shape will collapse and it will be difficult to hold ...

・ The shape does not collapse with a solid leather bag, but the total weight tends to be heavy ...

It will be a bag that solved both troubles.

And the shape is cute!

The shape is very cute.

② Become a point of coordination

I prefer simple clothes for clothes, but I guess it would be too simple to be too simple if I made a mistake. There were times when I thought.

However, it is useful that the combination of Achero bags can enhance the coordinates vividly.

Lol, even if I was a little out of clothes

It is a very appreciated point for me who is a sloppy that the whole body coordinates are completed by the power of the African plastic pattern.

This time, I would like to introduce the coordinates I am matching.

(I'm a little embarrassed because I am too life -size ...)

  • White shirt x jeans

It has been a big success this summer as the color of the trendy white shirt x jeans outfit.

The energy of the African plint shines well on a simple outfit.

  • Formal dress

Even with a little beautiful coordinates, Achero bags are useful.

In formal situations, bags tend to be the same monotone or sober, but I like to be playful and individuality by incorporating African plastic patterns.

  • Work outfit

Even when working, only bags want to add playfulness.

Thanks to the plenty of gusseted bags, you can also put in necessary items such as PCs, books, water bottles, pouches and smartphones!

  • Points to worry about

I think that it is a feature of African plints rather than ankero bags, but if the clothes are patterns, if they are combined with the Akero bag, they may be batting with a pattern and pattern.

If you don't know the image of matching the pattern of the Akero bag and the plain clothes ...

・ Make the color of the plain clothes simple (centered on monotone)

・ Make the pattern of the bag a little cool

It is also possible to take a method.

Conversely, even if the color of the clothes is strong, it is okay to increase the energy with "pattern x pattern coordinates" by coordinating with the compatibility of the bag pattern.♪

Looking at the overall balance, I would like to enjoy daily coordination while adding and drawing colors, such as "Today's color is gut" and "let's make it a dare subtraction coordination today".

2. Cube pouch

Next is a cube pouch.

I love the limited pattern cube pouch that I collaborated with SARAYA, so I will introduce this recommended point.

  • Recommended points

Even though it is small and bulky, the storage capacity is outstanding

I think small bags are popular, but I was worried that the proportion of pouches was high.

When I saw this cube pouch, I thought it was compact size so I didn't have much storage capacity.

However, when I put in makeup supplies as a trial, I was surprised that I was able to store all the necessary makeup supplies on the go.

I use it when I want to bring makeup tools firmly, but I don't want the porch to occupy my bag.

It is also used as a sanitary pouch.

  • Points to worry about

Points that are anxious about the cube pouch ...

It is "width length".

Most makeup tools can be stored, but the width may be insufficient to store slightly, such as eyeliners.

In that case,

Long and slender items such as eyeliners are slightly diagonal in the pouch, put in tools.

Also, if you pack too many things, you may have something with some extra time, as things will come out the moment you open the chuck.

I want to continue using a convenient cube pouch while being devised a little.

3. At the end

What did you think?

If you are worried about the akero bagHereIf you are worried about the cube pouchHerePlease check out♪

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