Hidden masterpiece? Honestly reviewed Cosmetic Pouch S!

Hello, this is Takai of RICCI EVERYDAY.

The weather is somewhat clean, and the mood is not clear. Is the rainy season early this year?

Now! This time, it is a column of the category of "Staff Product Introduction" after a long absence. In "Staff Product Introduction", we will review the items of the RICCI EVERYDAY that the staff actually purchased and used!

This is what I review this time.


RICCI EVERYDAY's classic item "Cosmetic Pouch S".

At first glance it looks like a normal pouch, but I personally think, "It's actually a hidden masterpiece of RICCI EVERYDAY!?" I would like to introduce the reason this time.♪

1. Transfer to purchase

2. 3 recommended points

3. Points to worry about

Four. in conclusion

1. Transfer to purchase

I bought Cosmetic Pouch S after about 10 months after I started working on RICCI EVERYDAY. Before I started working, there was a product lineup, so until then it was an item that I knew about it but did not buy it.

However, at first glance, the color of this porch that came in as a new stock when shifting at Daikanyama's directly managed store! The pouch I used until then was old, so I decided to buy it in about 5 seconds after meeting.

What I felt when I actually used it was "I bought it and it was a great answer!" It is not exaggerated, but it is so comfortable that you can enter the top three among the RICCI EVERYDAY items you have bought so far. (It is really important because it is a pouch used every day!)

2. 3 recommended points

Here are three recommended points I think!

① Surprisingly many enter

I sometimes carry all makeup tools, but they are all.



Isn't it unusual for a porch to get this kind of thing with this size?

② Compatible with compact capacity and folded to save space

It is active not only when there are many contents in the pouch, but also when there are few.

If the contents are small, only the porch tends to be jammed in the bag. However, Cosmetic Pouch S is made of soft cloth, so you can fold it! So I don't take space in my bag.


You can carry a pouch even on the day you want to use a small bag♪

③ independent

This is the most surprising point! It's a soft cloth pouch, but it's independent!

Not only when the contents are warm, but also when the contents are small ...!

(The photo shows a mirror, eye drops and lips)



There are many flat -shaped pouches with soft materials, and such a pouch is made of hard materials.

Because it is independent, it is easy to put in and out of makeup tools, and it will open from the small stress of every day to search for items that are lost in the porch!

3. Points to worry about

I have mentioned the recommended points so far, but here are some points that I think "I'm a little worried ...".

It is "frill design".


Some people feel that frills are a bit too cute, and if they have a simpler design, they want to use them. I also felt so and eventually passed this item for 10 months ...

The design is too sweet for me! If you think, why not choose a cool color? I feel that the sweetness can be reduced a little.


Also, as you use it, the frills are rising and the glossy ribbon is very nice, so if you are worried, please take it!

Four. in conclusion

How was the review of Cosmetic Pouch S?

It is an item that you want to use once for those who have been worried all the time, or those who have not paid attention. If you use it, you may think that it may be the most convenient like me.

If you are interested in Cosmetic Pouch SHerePlease check out♪There is also a large size cosmetic pouch L!

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