Introduction of paper beads and colorful bags


hello. RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.

It is around this time that the sunny weather continues before the rainy season, and I am a little surprised by the surprising heat, but I like summer, and I hope summer will come early.

In this column, we will introduce paper beads and colorful bags. I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

1. Points of size and product

2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity

3. Introduction of coordination and proposals for other usage

  1. Size and product points

Paper beads, as the name suggests, are beads made of paper, not plastic or glass. It is a bag made by cutting the paper in small pieces, rolling it into beads, solidified with varnish, connected. Very detailed work ... amazing.


The point is that the material is solid than it looks, so it can store your luggage firmly while compact.

The bottom of the bag looks like this. It is very solid.



The side looks like this.



The size is about 23cm wide x about 16cm in height x about 13cm in depthThe bag weighs about 450g. Is it light because it's made of paper? As you may think, it is a very solid and solid bag.


2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity

Next, I will introduce the capacity of the bag.



I put the following things.


・ Cosmetic Pouch S (inside lip, compact, disinfecting spray, pen, etc.)

・ Towel handkerchief

·Pocket Tissue

Here is the appearance of it.



Because it is a compact size, it is the perfect size to put the minimum necessary. Since there is no pocket, it is recommended that you summarize the details in your favorite pouch, such as cosmetic pouches and cube pouches.

3. Introduction of coordination and proposals for other usage 

Next is the introduction of coordination and proposals other than bags.

Of course, you can use it as a party bag because it is a solid construction. You can enjoy various coordination, but this time we will introduce two patterns.



Matched the pants style. The refreshing turquoise blue is the point of the coordination of the stripes of the point and the red pants. It is a perfect coordination for early summer.


Next, the green was matched to a bright green dress.

Mochet is the point of one tone outfit. Moshet is a very useful item to keep in mind and valuables you want to take out immediately.


The last is how to use other than bags.

The colorful and cute paper beads and colorful bags are wonderful for interiors in the house.

This is used as an item to summarize makeup tools.


Make -up brushes are set up on glass tumblers.



Other makeup tools are stored as they are.


It will be used as a storage item to show, clearly and compactly combined with a messy makeup tool.

Next is how to use around the desk.


Pens etc. are set up, and others are stored as they are, like makeup tools.


It is also convenient when traveling from the room to the room, combining the desk and stationery supplies at home. As the number of free addresses offices is increasing, it is very convenient to be able to use this way.

How was that? This time, we introduced in detail about compact and colorful paper beads and colorful bags.

Paper beads and colorful bags are cute bags that can be used not only in summer but also regardless of the season.

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The rainy season is the season when the weather is not refreshing comes, but I hope you can enjoy it with a colorful product of RICCI EVERYDAY.

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