Introducing fruit black shet baskets and big circles and Sylvia baskets

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If you think it's easy to spend, it's hot, rainy and cold, and the rainy season is near, and the weather is not refreshing, but how are you all going? Are you feeling sick?

In this column, I will tell you about fruit black shet baskets and big circle Sylvia baskets. I would be glad if you could read it to the end.

1. Points of size and product

2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity

3. Introduction of coordination and proposals for other usage

  1. Size and product points

First about fruit black shet baskets. This is a unique design that is completely different from other basket bags. This knitting is a knitting method unique to Uganda, and a woman named Sylvia is hand -knitted one by one. It is a very detailed work.


Because it is a colorful basketball series like a fruit bag as it is, it is named "Fruit Cross Shet Basket". This color is raspberry.

The side of the bag and the inside are like this.



The size isIt is about 25cm wide x about 25cm in height x about 6cm in depth. The material is a stem of Raffia and aquatic plants for both the body and handle. Raffia is a relatively soft material and has no thorns compared to wooden vines, so there are few concerns about getting caught in clothes than other basketbacks. And it is a very light material, so it is not heavy to put luggage. The bag weighs about 300g.

Here is the actual feeling.


The handle can be held through the wrist.


Next is the Big Circle Sylvia basket. This color is coconut. This basket has a large arrangement of the circle part of the fruit black shirt basket. This is also knitted by Sylvia by hand. Sylvia has six children, knitting a basket and making a living.



The size is about 31cm wide x about 21cm in height x about 11cm in depth.

The material is a stem of Raffia and aquatic plants for both the body and handle.

It looks like this from the side and above.


You can feel the very detailed and polite hand work.



Click here for the actual feeling.


You can pass the wrist to the handle as well as the fruit black shet.


2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity

Next, I will introduce the capacity of the bag.

The fruit black shet basket is very thin, so will you put your luggage properly? You might think that. I actually put it in.




・ Cube pouch (inside lip, compact, etc.)

・ Vertical pouch (inside disinfecting spray, smartphone charger, etc.)

・ Towel handkerchief

·Pocket Tissue

The luggage in the pouch is quite large.

Here is the appearance of it.



The appearance with luggage looks like this. There is a lot of luggage inside because of the height, but the contents are not clear because the eyes are finely knitted. And because it is knitted firmly, it does not lose its shape even if you put your luggage.

I put the same amount of luggage in the Big Circle Sylvia basket.



Since this is horizontally long, there is room to put a little more luggage.



Also, if you want to put your luggage a little more, we recommend using a wallet bag for the big circle and Sylvia basket.



These two are perfect.
The wallet bag is a large -capacity type bag that can be used as a wallet and a pouch. As it comes with a strap, it is very convenient for itself.

Here is the appearance.



3.3. Introduction of coordination and proposals for other usage 

Next is the introduction of coordination and proposals other than bags.

These two bags perfect for summer. I want you to enjoy it according to your casual style.



The fruit black shet basket is gorgeous and summer -like to combine a skirt of the same color as the raspberry color and lemon yellow sleeveless knit.
The color is very clear, so if you choose a gorgeous and distinctive skirt, you will have a gorgeous positive cohesion, making it a well -balanced coordination.


Big Circle and Silvia Basket are also one -tone coordinates that match the coconut color.
The point is green sandals, blue and green handkerchiefs by combining white T -shirts to gray -tailed pants.

It will be a refreshing summer one -tone outfit.

The coconut color is not pure white, but is a natural and close color, so it is very easy to match, perfect for one tone and colorful clothes.


The last is how to use other than bags.


This is an interior of the kitchen with a kitchen towel.



There are times when it is difficult to show the storage and interiors to show, but this bag has a fine mesh, so it can be put in a neatly combined thing without putting things inside and placing things inside. increase.

It is very recommended to use fruit black shet baskets for flower arrangements.



You can arrange a small amount of flowers gorgeously. Just put the water in a small glass, insert the flower there, and put it in the basket, and the arrangement is very easy.

It is also used as an arrangement to hang the handle on the doorknob.

How was that? This time, we introduced two basket bags that are perfect for the coming season.

Colorful baskets are perfect for summer, but they can only have summer. However, it will be used as an interior item when off the season, so I hope you will consider it at this opportunity.

These two productsonline storeWe have prepared in.

Please enjoy summer fashion with RICCI EVERYDAY products.

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