Introducing Kiki Ribbon Bag!

RICCI EVERYDAY THE HILL (Daikanyama Related Store) Member Sasaki.

Recently, the sunset time has been late, and I feel happy that the daytime is long.

Well, this timeKikoi Ribbon BagI would like to tell you in detail about.
I write about the size and coordination, so please enjoy it to the end.

1. Points of size and product
2. How much luggage will it be? How do you use it?
3. Introduction of coordination

1. Points of size and product
Kikoi Ribbon Bag ¥ 5,720

The bag used this time is the Kiki Ribbon Bag -Glass Ring.
First of all, do you know Kiki cloth?

This cloth is a bag using a cloth woven with a weaving machine called "Kiki" with 100 % cotton thread.
In Uganda, it seems that it is popular among women as a cloth wrapped around the waist.

If you look closely, you will feel like this.

The size isApproximately 22cm in width x height about 25cm × Diameter about 15cmThe length of the handle is about 43 mm on one side. The outer material uses a kiki cloth and the lining is a vivid African plastic fabric, and the material is 100 % cotton.

The handle is a type that ties it, so you can change the length.

Make a ribbon knot like this,

Tie the left and right ribbon ...

It is cute even if you put it together.

The height is a size that can fit a 500ml tumbler.

There is one pocket inside.

2. How much luggage will it be? About bag capacity
Next, I will introduce the capacity of the bag.

A very simple and compact impression. When I first saw the real thing, I felt it was smaller than I thought.
However, when I actually put my luggage, I was surprised because it fits more properly than I thought.

I put my luggage.

・ Two pouches

・ (Although it is not shown) smartphone


·Coin purse

·Eco bag

・ Towel handkerchief

·Pocket Tissue

It is an impression that the compact needs fit clearly. There are only two pouches, so you can enter quite a bit!

Here is the image you have with your luggage.

Put it on your shoulder,

Put it on your arm,

You can bring it in a short handy style.

The height of this model is 155㎝.

And this bag is a simple design, so I don't think it will be an interior.
Put a book or accessories on the bedside and put it together ...
Even if I put houseplants, I was expanding the image that it was wonderful.

3. Introduction of coordination
Finally, this is the introduction of the coordination in the Kiki Ribbon bag we introduced this time. This bag has a very casual and cute impression in texture and shape, so I wanted to bring it in a casual style.

This is a vintage knit cardigan with a dark denim. The orange color used for cardigan sleeves is linked to the ribbon of the bag.

I will go next.
The design is a simple royal blue dress and high -cut sneakers coordinated.
Again, the ribbon African plint is the point of coordination.

Finally, the hoody was combined with a fine pattern flare skirt. This bag with a simple body part is perfect for pattern clothes.

How was that? This time, we introduced the Kiki Ribbon storePlease take a look at the product.

I would be glad if the RICCI EVERYDAY bag could add color to your coordination and home time.

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